Saturday, February 04, 2006

Sen. Dianne Feinstein: only non-Mexican illegal immigrants pose a danger
Senator fears U.S. border is 'gateway' for terrorists

Sen. Dianne Feinstein yesterday asked the top U.S. intelligence official whether the U.S. border had become a "major gateway" for terrorists, citing a threefold increase in the number of non-Mexicans apprehended while seeking to illegally enter the United States...

Feinstein does not say illegal aliens who are Mexican are a threat of course because once those illegals can score some fake IDs they all vote Democratic (hey, you should dance with the one that brought you, right?). That these illegals bring virulent disease , poverty and murderous gangs to California and the nation is a small price to pay to “get out the vote.”

And the meme that “illegals do the jobs American won’t do” spouted by both Democrats and Republicans is crap. Subjugated (for fear their illegal status will be revealed) laborers whose employment is itself a crime hardly strengthens this country or its economy. That both Democrats and Republicans in Congress are fighting passage of President Bush’s “guest worker” program tells me it would be highly effective in solving the problem.


1. Islamic terrorists will bomb the headquarters building of one or more European newspapers.

2. The first reaction of the government where the bombing occurs will be appeasement rather than a vigorous investigation and crackdown within the country on the Muslim mosques and organizations advocating violence.
Syrians Storm Embassies Over Caricatures

DAMASCUS, Syria (AP) -- Rage against caricatures of Islam's revered prophet poured out across the Muslim world Saturday, with aggrieved believers calling for executions, storming European buildings and setting European flags afire...
I’ve referred to this Winston Churchill quote (below) more than once on this blog but it is a succinct and pointed statement by a brilliant leader, statesman and historian. It bears repeating until it sinks in or we are eaten.

"An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile - hoping it will eat him last."

Idiot(s) of the millennium: whoever shells out the $20 million
Paris Hilton in Dispute Over Diaries

LOS ANGELES (AP) -- Paris Hilton's diaries, along with photos of her in various stages of undress, are among a trove of the celebutante's personal affects that have found their way into the hands of a broker aiming to sell them.

David Hans Schmidt, known for handling deals involving celebrity porn, is trying to auction off the Hilton belongings, which had been locked away in a Los Angeles-area storage locker until a few months ago.

The pricetag? $20 million…

Castro: The workers are ruining our workers’ paradise
Gov't Drive Vs. 'Rich' Hits Average Cubans

HAVANA (AP) -- President Fidel Castro is pursuing a campaign against Cuba's "new rich," accusing them of corruption and moral decay in his quest to erase class differences threatening the utopian ideals of his communist regime.

Violators face possible jail time and loss of state jobs as the government tries to eliminate a thriving black market that supplies Cubans and tourists with everything from gasoline and cooking oil to illicit meals of lobster served in small, private restaurants.

Yet "rich" is a mushy term on an island where state pay averages just $12 a month - a wage virtually impossible to live on even with heavily subsidized government services and mostly free housing. Many of Castro's targets are simply poor Cubans who steal from the state to make ends meet.

The 79-year-old leader has railed in recent speeches against these thefts, portraying widespread corruption as one of the greatest threats yet to Cuba's socialist system…

Read the whole thing. Trying hard to temper the reality of life in Cuba without misreporting the facts, the AP reporter cannot do little more than put lipstick on a pig.

Democrats: Maryland’s citizenry cannot be allowed to vote on this. They will vote against our agenda.
Busch blocks vote on marriage

ANNAPOLIS -- Democratic lawmakers in Maryland, determined to avoid a vote on homosexual "marriage" in an election year, closed the House yesterday to quash a constitutional amendment endorsing traditional marriage.

In a move unprecedented in the modern history of the General Assembly, House Speaker Michael E. Busch abruptly recessed the chamber to block a vote on a proposed amendment that would define marriage as a union only of one man and one woman.

The Democratic speaker's action allowed the House Judiciary Committee to kill the proposal later yesterday, likely preventing it from being voted on by the full House this session.

"It's game-playing," said Delegate Anthony J. O'Donnell, Southern Maryland Republican and minority whip. "It is one more example of unchecked power by a [Democratic] majority that has been in control of the House for 180 years…"

"If you want to test a man's character, give him power."
Abraham Lincoln

Passengers: Well, no, we weren’t hurt. But we got scared. We and our lawyers want money.
Jet Passengers Sue Over In-Flight Emergency

Six passengers on an Alaska Airlines jet that suddenly lost pressure when a hole opened in its fuselage sued the airline and its baggage handlers Friday.

No one was seriously hurt when a 12-inch gash split the fuselage on the Dec. 26 flight from Seattle to Burbank. But James P. Kreindler, an attorney for the passengers, said in a statement that his clients' "lives are profoundly challenged by what they thought was their near-death experiences…. Passengers were saying their last goodbyes to loved ones…"

"Generally speaking, if the only damage one suffers is by watching some event unfold, you ordinarily are not able to get recovery for that," said Loyola Law School professor John Nockleby, a tort law expert.

The firm representing the plaintiffs said it won damages from American Airlines over a 1995 incident in which passengers experienced 30 seconds of severe turbulence over Minnesota…
Q: What's the difference between a lawyer and a catfish?

A: One is a slimy, bottom dwelling, scum sucker. The other is a fish.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Tom Toles is a tool

For some background go to Michelle Malkin’s THE JOINT CHIEFS OF STAFF SPEAK

Toles’ and the WaPo’s response is buried in Joint Chiefs Fire At Toles Cartoon On Strained Army by Howard Kurtz

The cartoon is based on remarks that Rumsfeld made last week. In rejecting warnings by a Pentagon-sponsored study that the Iraq war risks "breaking" the Army, he said the U.S. military is "battle hardened" and an "enormously capable force." At the bottom of the cartoon, in smaller type, Rumsfeld says: "I'm prescribing that you be stretched thin. We don't define that as torture."

In an interview, Toles called the letter "an understandable response" but said he did not regret what he drew. In thinking about Rumsfeld's remarks, he said, "what came soon to mind was the catastrophic level of injuries the Army and members of the armed services have sustained . . . I thought my portrayal of it was a fair depiction of the reality of the situation.

"I certainly never intended it to be in any way a personal attack on, or a derogatory comment on, the service or sacrifice of American soldiers."

As for the Joint Chiefs' letter, he said: "I think it's a little bit unfair in their reading of the cartoon to imply that is what it's about." [Ed. - Tom, when did fairness ever play a role in your cartoons?]

If one wanted to satirize Rumsfeld’s choice of the phrase “battle hardened” one could depict bedraggled soldiers in dilapidated and damaged military vehicles or bleary-eyed stoop-shouldered troops on patrol. That would make your point.

Using the image of a quadruple amputee in a military hospital bed smacks of the snide elitist attitude of a liberal who came of age in the early 1970’s detesting all things military and who, to this day, wouldn’t don a uniform even if the enemy was coming ashore in waves.

Geena Davis boards Air Force Bye-Bye
'Commander in Chief' Takes Six-Week Break

LOS ANGELES -- "Commander in Chief" is going on a six-week hiatus, making way for a new comedy from "Saturday Night Live" producer Lorne Michaels as part of ABC's midseason schedule makeover.

The White House drama, which brought Geena Davis a Golden Globe last month for her portrayal of the president, will air through Feb. 28. It will be replaced in its 9-10 p.m. EST Tuesday slot March 7 by the sitcom "Sons & Daughters…"

"Commander in Chief" will return April 18th for its final four new episodes of the season, the network said Wednesday. In all, the drama will air 19 episodes, shy of the usual 22, reflecting earlier production delays.

Last October, ABC turned the "Commander" reins over to veteran producer Steven Bochco ("NYPD Blue," "L.A. Law") after filming fell behind under series creator Rod Lurie, although Lurie remained with the show.

The freshman show has had an uneven ratings history. It premiered in the top 10 with more than 16 million viewers but saw its audience erode, dipping to as low as 10.4 million viewers in its last airing…

Respect is a two-way street

Only when the preponderance of “peaceful” Muslims begin to overtly and consistently condemn the goals and terrorism of the likes of al-Qaida, Hamas, Hezbollah and their leadership, specifically by name and event, will they garner respect from the non-Muslim world. Until then, Islam will be seen as a faith condoning violence whose profession of religious tolerance is all mouth.

That Muslims in Pakistan and Gaza are complaining is laughable. The press in most Muslim countries is controlled either directly by the state or indirectly by clerics putting pressure on the government. Now it seems, they want to control the press in our so-called “open and free” societies. And they are succeeding.

“An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile - hoping it will eat him last.”
Sir Winston Churchill

Muslim world angered at cartoons

Islamabad, Feb. 2 (UPI) — Muslim anger over European cartoons of Muhammad prompted widespread protest, and led gunmen to briefly surround the EU Gaza office.

The drawings, first printed in Denmark, sparked a fresh row when they were re-run in several newspapers, leading to the sacking of a French editor.

Hundreds have demonstrated in Pakistan, chanting "Death to Denmark" and burning Danish and French flags, the BBC said.

Norway has closed its mission in the West Bank to the public in response to threats from two militant groups against Norwegian, Danish and French people.

Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak warned the decision by some European papers to publish the cartoons could encourage terrorists.

Afghan President Hamid Karzai also strongly condemned their publication, saying it was "an affront ... for hundreds of millions of people".

EU Trade Commissioner Peter Mandelson said the rerun cartoons were "throwing petrol onto the flames of the original issue and the original offense that was taken."

Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy.
Jimmy Carter: Give Hamas a chance

(CNN) -- Hamas deserves to be recognized by the international community, and despite the group's militant history, there is a chance the soon-to-be Palestinian leaders could turn away from violence, former President Jimmy Carter said Wednesday….

"If there are prohibitions -- like, for instance, in the United States, against giving any money to a government that is controlled by Hamas -- then the United States could channel the same amount of money to the Palestinian people through the United Nations, through the refugee fund, through UNICEF, things of that kind," he added. [Ed. - Yeah, the UN and its agencies would be perfect. “A dollar for the Palestinians, five in my pocket. A dollar for the Palestinians, five in my pocket…]

However, Carter noted, Hamas has adhered to a cease-fire since August 2004, [Ed. – Jimmy, go say that to the relatives of the hundreds of Israelis that Hamas suicide bombers and car bombs have killed since that date, I dare you] has which "indicates what they might do in the future." He said Hamas is "highly disciplined" and capable of keeping any promise of nonviolence it might make.

In October 1980 I read the most succinct commentary about Carter I’ve ever seen. The Presidential Election between the incumbent Carter and the challenger Reagan was less than a month away. And graffiti on a poster on a bench on Union Street in San Francisco said “Carter is the Answer!” and just below that, in a different hand, came “My god! What was the question?”

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Coleen Rowley: I saw it, but I didn’t see it.

If one is to believe Rowley then one must believe that a women who
  1. was approving the content and appeal of what is in essence a campaign brochure to be seen by thousands of potential voters,
  2. has a daughter, brother and brother-in-law that served in the military,
  3. was trained by the FBI not to miss a trick,
did not recognize a WWII German military uniform and its implications.
Rowley issues apology to Rep. John Kline over his depiction on website

WASHINGTON - Rep. John Kline demanded and got an apology Monday from his Democratic rival, Coleen Rowley, for a doctored picture on her campaign website depicting him as Colonel Klink, a bumbling Nazi prison camp commandant in an old TV comedy series.

Kline said in a letter to Rowley that the photo crossed "the line of civility, respect and common decency" and was an offense "to every veteran."

"Your attempts to smear my good name and 25 years of honorable service in the United States Marine Corps by equating me to a Nazi shows a lack of perspective, a lack of seriousness and a lack of good judgment," he wrote to Rowley. "You should be ashamed of yourself…"

Rowley had the photo removed from her website and took steps to apologize personally. She said an unpaid volunteer prepared the blog, and she approved it without making the Nazi connection.

Rather, she said she focused instead on the message that Kline, a retired Marine Corps colonel, was "incompetent" like Klink, a Nazi colonel easily fooled by his American prisoners in the TV series "Hogan's Heroes."

Rowley called the blog "excellent," and said it is "written by one of our best volunteers."

Rowley, a retired FBI agent, said she would phone Kline to apologize.

"I'm going to say that ... it was in bad taste. ... This was a Nazi uniform and I didn't grasp that impact, and I apologize for any bad feeling that he got from that," she said in a phone interview. "But I would not apologize for thinking that his representation of our [Second] district has been incompetent. I think that many, many things that John Kline has uttered have been incorrect."
If, in fact, Rowley is sincere and she didn’t make the connection then she is not in any position to call anyone incompetent.

Spot the idiot back-office operation

Even a simpleton has more common sense than the crew at the Boston Globe.

And I love newspaper’s Hey, we’re no more irresponsible and incompetent than these guys defense preceding a roster, with vital statistics, of their Moron-squad teammates.

Interestingly, the Globe’s want to opine in many of its “news” articles goes unfulfilled here.
Subscriber credit data distributed by mistake

Credit and bank card numbers of as many as 240,000 subscribers of The Boston Globe and Worcester Telegram & Gazette were inadvertently distributed with bundles of T&G newspapers on Sunday, officials of the newspapers said yesterday.

The confidential information was on the back of paper used in wrapping newspaper bundles for distribution to carriers and retailers. As many as 9,000 bundles of the T&G, wrapped in paper containing subscribers' names and their confidential information, were distributed Sunday to 2,000 retailers and 390 carriers in the Worcester area, said Alfred S. Larkin Jr., spokesman for the Globe...

Talking head moved to new podium
CBS' John Roberts Jumps to CNN

NEW YORK (AP) -- Veteran CBS White House correspondent John Roberts, snubbed by his network during the long search for Dan Rather's successor, has jumped to CNN.

As a senior national correspondent based in Washington, Roberts will report for various CNN newscasts throughout the day, said Jon Klein, president of CNN/U.S., on Wednesday. He starts on Feb. 20…

"Leaving CBS News will be difficult - no question," Roberts said in an e-mail to CBS colleagues Wednesday. "The ache of anxious anticipation has been gnawing away at me for some time now…”

The bigger a man's head gets, the easier it is to fill his shoes

Looses Frey, but I’ll wager not her 15%
Literary Agent Drops Disputed Author Frey

NEW YORK (AP) -- It's true, James Frey, you need a new literary manager.

Brillstein-Grey Entertainment literary manager Kassie Evashevski, who represented the author of "A Million Little Pieces" for more than four years, said she's not representing him anymore because of his tall tales. [Ed. – aka lies]

"In the last week, it became impossible for me to maintain a relationship once the trust had been broken," Evashevski told Publisher Weekly for a story on Tuesday. "He eventually did apologize, but I felt for many reasons I had to let him go as a client."

Frey's story about drug addiction and recovery, originally released in 2003, zoomed up The New York Times best seller list when Oprah Winfrey named it her book club selection in September 2005. But early this year, The Smoking Gun Web site challenged some parts of the book, including Frey's claim that he served a three-month stint in prison.

Once Oprah turned off the spigot there wasn’t much point in hanging around.

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Having neither a pot nor a pan, Mother Sheehan intends to bang heads with Ramsey Clark
Liberal activists promote a ruckus to silence Bush

Make noise, not war.

Liberal activists -- among them graying leftovers from the Vietnam-era antiwar movement -- plan to gather near the Capitol tonight, banging pots and pans to drown out President Bush's State of the Union address.

Yesterday, opponents of the Iraq war kicked off their latest round of demonstrations with an "Impeachment Forum" held downtown in a private dining room at Busboys and Poets.

Featured speakers were 78-year-old former U.S. Attorney General Ramsey Clark; longtime war protester Marcus Raskin, 71, who is head of the Institute for Policy Studies; and Cindy Sheehan, mother of an American soldier killed in Iraq.

Mrs. Sheehan -- who became famous last year for staking out the president's ranch in Crawford, Texas, and just returned from a visit with Venezuelan anti-American President Hugo Chavez -- plans to speak tonight to protesters at the Capitol Reflecting Pool.

Apparently Sheehan couldn’t hook up with Ramsey Clark but ran into Rep. Lynn Woolsey, D-California, who did have a pan and the two women took turns banging each other over the head with the skillet. Woolsey, who so enjoyed Cindy’s energy, invited Sheehan to be her guest at the President’s State-of-the-Union Address. Unfortunately Mother Sheehan couldn’t stay for the whole speech as she had a more pressing engagement.
Sheehan arrested in House gallery

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Peace activist Cindy Sheehan was arrested Tuesday in the House gallery after refusing to cover up a T-shirt bearing an anti-war slogan before President Bush's State of the Union address.

"She was asked to cover it up. She did not," said Sgt. Kimberly Schneider, U.S. Capitol Police spokeswoman, adding that Sheehan was arrested for unlawful conduct, a misdemeanor.

The charge carries a maximum penalty of one year in jail, Schneider said.

Schneider said shortly after the State of the Union speech that Sheehan was still being held but should be "out sometime tonight…"

Sheehan, who became a vocal war opponent after her son was killed in Iraq, was an invited guest of Rep. Lynn Woolsey, D-California, who has called for a withdrawal of troops in Iraq and supports legislation for the creation of a Department of Peace.

‘Victories’ in the alternate universe
People for the American Way

Tuesday’s 58-42 vote to confirm Samuel Alito represents the second highest number of votes against a confirmed Supreme Court nominee in the nation’s history. But moral victories are not sufficient. Progressives must work to ensure that soon there will be a progressive Senate that better represents the values and beliefs of a significant majority of the American people.

A significant majority? Not so much.
Poll: Alito should sit on high court

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- A majority of Americans said the Senate should confirm federal appellate judge Samuel Alito's nomination to the Supreme Court, with just 30 percent opposing his confirmation [Ed. – or as a non-obfuscating news organizations would say, 70% in favor of confirmation], according to a poll released Monday [January 23, 2006]…

The CNN/USA Today/Gallup survey of 1,006 U.S. adults was conducted Friday through Sunday and had a sampling error of plus or minus 3 percentage points.

Now, see, that wasn’t so hard, was it?
Alito Is Sworn in As Associate Justice

WASHINGTON - Samuel Alito took his place on the Supreme Court Tuesday after winning Senate confirmation, a personal triumph for the son of an Italian immigrant and a political milestone in President Bush's campaign to give the judiciary a more conservative cast...

Alito was sworn in by Chief Justice John Roberts in a private ceremony at the Supreme Court building across from the Capitol at about 12:40 p.m. EST, court officials said.

Alito and his wife, Martha-Ann Bomgardner, along with other members of the court and their spouses, attended the ceremony in the justices' conference room. The 55-year-old New Jersey jurist took both the constitutional and judicial oaths so he can immediately participate in court decisions.

Alito will be ceremonially sworn in a second time at a White House East Room appearance on Wednesday...

Senators Swiss and Spittle, please call your office.

Fluffy and Rover: What, no franchise?
Scottish pets to get charter of rights

EDINBURGH, Jan. 31 (UPI) — By July, dogs, cats and other domestic pets will have a 5-point charter guaranteeing animal rights under a bill moving through Scotland's parliament.

The bill would make it mandatory for pet owners to provide a suitable environment, a suitable diet, allow pets to exhibit normal behavior patterns, be housed with, or apart from, other animals and be protected from suffering, injury and disease.

The bill, which amends laws dating back to 1912, will ensure that only people over 16 can be responsible for animals and creates an offense of causing an animal to suffer unnecessarily, The Scotsman reported Tuesday.

A government spokeswoman said brochures containing the cat and dog codes, which will be available in veterinarians' offices and public libraries, would be a minor part of the $450,000 allocated for publicizing the animal welfare measures.

Any bets on whether PETA will start an animal suffrage movement in Scotland?

And in case you’re wondering what’s come over the Scots, my guess is that some of the nitwits on the San Francisco Board of Supervisors were vacationing last year in Scotland and infected the place.
S.F. planning to unleash dog-care rules
Ordinance would define adequate pooch amenities

In San Francisco, where orphaned animals live in "pet condos" at the SPCA, pet parents are called guardians instead of owners, and well-heeled canines are enrolled in doggie day care, now comes a law mandating more creature comforts for the creatures.

The ordinance, expected to be approved by the Board of Supervisors on Tuesday, spells out exactly what the city means by providing food, shelter and water to San Francisco's estimated 110,000 dogs.

The food: palatable and nutritious. The water: changed at least once a day and provided in a non-tipping bowl. The shelter: big enough for the canine to stand up and turn around in and with a raised floor and dry, clean bedding for when the "ambient temperature falls below that ... to which the dog is acclimated."

The law passed its first reading this week with an 8-2 vote, with Supervisor Chris Daly absent. Supervisors Michela Alioto-Pier and Aaron Peskin dissented.

"I was reading this, and I thought: Now we're treating dogs better than we treat the homeless," Alioto-Pier said.

Peskin was unavailable for comment Wednesday.

"It's a classic case of taking an issue we need to deal with and overcompensating," Alioto-Pier said. "It's one thing to say you have to have clean water for your dog, another to say you have to have it in a container that won't tip, or if it does, then you have to bolt it to the wall. I think it's too Big Brother."
I think it's too Big Nutter.

Oh gawd, who cares where. We just want to totally rough it.
'Brokeback' Sparks Interest in Wyo.

CHEYENNE, Wyo. (AP) -- Fans of "Brokeback Mountain" don't seem to care the movie was actually filmed in Canada. They want the Wyoming experience. The Wyoming Business Council's travel and tourism department has received hundreds of calls asking about scenery in the movie, which is based on Pulitzer Prize-winner Annie Proulx's short story about two gay Wyoming cowboys.

"When we tell them it was shot in Canada, they're still interested in Wyoming," said Michell Howard, manager of the council's film, arts and entertainment office. "They don't hang up and call Alberta. They're intrigued in the story..."

Jackson: Give evacuees government housing and they’ll be tripping all over themselves to come back to work to rebuild NOLA
Jesse Jackson Plans Katrina Protest March

Many of its residents remain scattered in temporary housing across the country, while workers from Eastern Europe and Latin America have taken rebuilding jobs, Jackson said. [Ed. – Strange how those workers were able to find a place to live]

"Why must people here look at people coming in from out of the country to do the work? That is humiliating," he said. [Ed. – maybe they should stop looking and start doing] "There are no jobs that cannot be done by the people who once lived here."

The government's failure to quickly provide temporary housing closer to New Orleans not only has prevented the displaced from getting jobs at home, Jackson said, but also has made it more difficult to follow campaigns and vote in already-delayed elections, now rescheduled for late April. [Ed. - if the military stationed overseas can file an absentee ballot, it shouldn't be that hard for someone living in a hotel in Dallas]
Interesting that the subject suddenly shifted from jobs to voting. This is not the first time Jesse has alluded to a voting “problem.”


An RCP blog post (which links to a Thomas Sowell column) offers some additional perspective

Amanpour: The pretender journalist
“Well, we're there to report what's actually going on and we pay a heavy price for trying to get to the truth. And the truth is what our business is all about. And that's why we're out there, despite the enormous, enormous personal cost to us, to our families, and to our networks.”

Christiane Amanpour during the Larry King Live discussion
about the ABC anchor and cameraman
injured by a roadside bomb blast in Iraq.

This from a person so agenda-driven that she wouldn’t report the truth if it were biting her on the butt.

Here’s the whole transcript: CNN LARRY KING LIVE Aired January 30, 2006 - 21:00 ET

Of all the reporters being interviewed guess whose answers are little more than an anti-Iraqi-war diatribe.

Update: has some video

Monday, January 30, 2006

Spot the clueless journalist

When I was a youngster and asked my parents the meaning of a word they would point me to the dictionary and say, “Look it up.”

That might be a good rule of thumb for Grace Wong, a staff writer.
New home sales post surprise rise

…The latest Census Bureau report shows median prices for new residences sold in December fell 1.5 percent from the previous month to $221,800. Half of the homes sold for more than the median, the rest for less
Median - a value in an ordered set of values below and above which there is an equal number of values or which is the arithmetic mean of the two middle values if there is no one middle number

A personal aside

I began to think that my parents made me “look it up” not so much as a learning experience for me but rather because they too had no idea what the word in question meant.

So on one occasion I said to my mother, who was reading the evening paper, “I’ll bet you $5 (which was a lot of money back when I was asking) that you don’t know the meaning of this word I just read.”

She lowered the paper, looked across the room at me, smiled, and said, “Okay, it’s a bet. What’s the word? “

I said, “‘Expostulate,’ do you want me to spell it?’

“No,” she said, “that won’t be necessary. It means to try to dissuade somebody from doing something. Go, look it up and then put the $5 on the kitchen table.” She smiled again and went back to her newspaper.

I don’t recall ever again asking either of them the meaning of a word, I just looked it up.

That background noise you hear is al-Zawahri’s gofers stocking his cave
Al-Zawahri Calls Bush a 'Butcher' in Video

CAIRO, Egypt - Al-Qaida No. 2 Ayman al-Zawahri said in a videotape aired Monday that President Bush was a "butcher" and a "failure" because of a deadly U.S. airstrike in Pakistan targeting the bin Laden deputy, and he threatened a new attack on the United States…

The airstrike hit a building in Damadola, where U.S. intelligence believed al-Zawahri had been attending an Islamic holiday dinner. The strike killed four al-Qaida leaders — including a man believed to be al-Zawahri's son-in-law — but intelligence officials said later they believe al-Zawahri sent his aides to the dinner in his place.

Thirteen villagers also were killed in the strike, angering many Pakistanis…

During the year of silence from bin Laden, al-Zawahri issued several video and audiotapes, including one claiming al-Qaida responsibility for the July 7 London bombings.

Hamas: We will annihilate the Jews, we hate America for standing by Israel. Our terrorism is righteous. Now open up your infidel hearts and give us a lot of money.
Hamas wants foreign aid, US says no

LONDON (Reuters) - Hamas and President Mahmoud Abbas urged foreign donors on Monday to lift threats to cut vital aid to a new Hamas-led Palestinian government but the United States stood firm, saying it would not directly aid the militant group…

Ismail Haniyeh, a Hamas leader in Gaza, urged foreign donors to continue to send money to the Palestinian Finance Ministry. Last year, the EU gave the Palestinian Authority 500 million euros ($615 million), funds vital for its survival.

"We call on you to understand the priorities of our Palestinian people at this stage and continue the spiritual and financial support in order to push the region toward stability rather than pressure and tension," he told reporters.

But asked about disarming, Haniyeh said the EU had to understand "Palestinian reality" and not press demands that "increase the suffering of our people who are looking for freedom, right of (refugee) return and independence."

My guess is that two weeks won’t pass before Jimmy Carter and the Angry Left start berating the Bush Administration, saying that cutting off the aid is “escalating the tension” and “worsening the plight of the Palestinian people.” Just one problem with that: “The Palestinian People” freely elected these murderous thugs who ran on a platform of hate, destruction and terrorism.

Doctor Feelgood, I presume
Doctor turning his clinic into bordello

Coopers Beach, Jan. 30 (UPI) — A New Zealand doctor unhappy with lack of support from the community has decided to turn his medical clinic into a licensed, high-end brothel…

Sunday, January 29, 2006

They have reached pathetic

If there was ever a doubt the New York Times is being managed and staffed by irresponsible feckless propagandists systematically destroying “the newspaper of record” Spies, Lies and Wiretaps erases that doubt.

I was going to write about the absurdity of this editorial but before I got around to it I came across a superb Powerlineblog post written by John Hinderaker that cuts to the quick, demolishing the very basis of the Times' asinine ramblings. Writing anything more would just be piling-on.

Passing stupid and proceeding directly to moronic
British firefighters get recliner training

LONDON, Jan. 28 (UPI) — British firefighters have been given a four-page safety manual on how to use a reclining chair to prevent injury.

Recliners costing $700 have been purchased for the firefighters to rest in between fire calls and to be used as beds during night shifts, but the easy chairs' use has been banned until recliner training has been completed, the Daily Telegraph reported Saturday.

"Training will be given for health and safety reasons," a fire service spokesman said. "There are moving parts."

For example, the new manual advises: "To release the mechanism -- i.e. to start reclining, simply lift the lever under the right-hand arm of the chair -- when seated. This moves the chair into its semi-reclined position -- i.e. feet up, head up. To recline the chair fully, they must hold on to the arm rests and push backwards."

"We've been ordered not to use the chairs until we've been instructed, which is a bit of a joke," a firefighter said.

Didn’t do your homework? That’s okay, you can ‘phone a friend.’

A principal doesn’t want the children in his school ‘embarrassed’ and ‘victimized.’ Read the whole thing and learn about ‘swots.’
London school takes a hands-off approach to Q&A

LONDON -- Pupils in an East London school have been banned from raising their hands to answer questions in class because their teachers fear it leads to feelings of victimization.

"No hands up" notices have been posted in every room at the Jo Richardson comprehensive school in Dagenham, as a reminder that the teachers will decide who should answer.

The principal, Andrew Buck, said it is always the same children who wave their arms in the air, while the rest of the class sits back. When teachers try to involve less-adventurous pupils by choosing them instead, that leads to feelings of victimization.

Mr. Buck believes that it can also cause panic in children who are picked but do not know the answer while others around them are straining to give it. To spare the embarrassment of those who do not know the answer, the school uses a "phone a friend" system, allowing one child to nominate another to take the question instead...

‘Sudden Melanin Syndrome’

Mark Goldblatt provides some Hillary insight at NRO with You Go, Girl!