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NY Times: All the differently authentic* news that’s fit to print

Published: March 18, 2006

Editors' Note

A front-page article last Saturday profiled Ali Shalal Qaissi, identifying him as the hooded man forced to stand on a box, attached to wires, in a photograph from the Abu Ghraib prison abuse scandal of 2003 and 2004. He was shown holding such a photograph. As an article on Page A1 today makes clear, Mr. Qaissi was not that man…

Despite the previous reports, The Times should have been more persistent in seeking comment from the military. A more thorough examination of previous articles in The Times and other newspapers would have shown that in 2004 military investigators named another man as the one on the box, raising suspicions about Mr. Qaissi's claim.

A cursory analysis of available photo evidence relating to the article in question should have raised red flags. But at ‘The Times’ close examination of photo evidence is contraindicated when the article fits their anti-military, anti-war, anti-Bush agenda.

Internet access and the blogosphere have expanded exponentially over the last 5 years and George W. Bush has been a beneficiary. Why? Because the MSM’s news filter has been crippled.

Surprisingly, pulling the curtain away hasn’t forced more objectivity in MSM reporting, just the opposite has happened. Feigned detachment ever so subtly salted with insinuation and overtone has given way to out-and-out propaganda.

And these “news” organizations are deluding themselves if they think their readers/audiences aren’t on to them.
...The public also increasingly sees the press as slanted. Nearly three quarters of Americans (72%) in the summer of 2005 saw the press as favoring one side, up from 66% two years earlier. And 60% saw the press as politically biased, up from 53% in 2003. Republicans and conservatives are even more prone to feel this way than Democrats.

This is an area that journalists have tended to dismiss over the years. Yet different surveys of journalists also suggest that while the preponderance of news people see themselves as moderate, the percentage who identify themselves as liberal is growing, while the percentage who see themselves as conservative is shrinking.

The percentage of people who believe that criticism of the military weakens American defenses has been rising as well, and in 2005 reached its highest point (47%) since 1985 (then 31%)...

Other than looking the fool to anyone with a modicum of intelligence and Internet access, what’s the upshot of the NY Times’ subjective, inaccurate, agenda-driven ‘journalism’?

Well, it certainly isn’t attracting subscribers or investors.

Over its Bush-bashing years the NY Times has increases it total circulation by 1,103 newspapers (0.10%). And while its Sunday home subscribers are up 9%, its daily home subscribers are down 3%.

Likewise, at least one Wall Street watcher is not thrilled with the company’s financial performance,
NEW YORK Moody's Investors Service said Friday it may cut its rating of the New York Times Co.'s debt because of the company's weak cash flow, high financial leverage, and declining margins.

If that wasn't enough, Moody's said it is concerned about growing media competition, including the Internet, and what it calls ''event risk'' in the newspaper sector.
nor are investors, Friday’s stock price closed within 40 cents of its five year low, recorded earlier this month.

* -

Senator Harry Reid: Weasel Extraordinaire

“Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man's character, give him power.”
Abraham Lincoln

Political offensive targets Bush

Senate Democrats have mapped a political battle plan for the March congressional recess that calls on lawmakers to stage press events with active duty military personnel, veterans and emergency responders to bash President Bush on virtually every one of his national security policies.

The game plan, devised by the office of Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, Nevada Democrat, is contained in a six-page memo distributed to Democratic senators on Thursday at a closed-door meeting at the Capitol and provided to The Washington Times by a congressional staffer.

Titled "Real Security," the political document calls for staged town hall events at military bases, weapons factories, National Guard units, fire stations and veterans posts.

"Ensure that you have the proper U.S. and state flags at the event, and consider finding someone to sing the national anthem and lead the group in the Pledge of Allegiance at the start of the event," the battle plan states.

However, the Defense Department prohibits political events on military bases. The rule states, "commanders will not permit the use of installation facilities by any candidate for political campaign or election events, including public assemblies or town hall meetings. ..."

Jim Manley, Mr. Reid's spokesman, said yesterday the planned events are not part of a political campaign. They would involve only incumbent Democratic senators, some of whom are up for re-election, but not Democratic Senate challengers, he said. Democrats hope to capture Senate control in November's election...

Navy Exchanges Fire With Suspected Pirates

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates – Two U.S. Navy ships exchanged gunfire with suspected pirates Saturday off the coast of Somalia, and one suspect was killed and five others were wounded, the navy said.

The early morning gunbattle ensued after sailors spotted 30-foot fishing boat towing smaller skiffs and prepared for a routine boarding, said Lt. Cmdr. Charlie Brown, spokesman for the U.S. Navy's 5th Fleet.

Passengers on the fishing boat then began shooting, and U.S. naval gunners returned fire with mounted machine guns.

Three suspects were seriously wounded and being treated on one of the Navy ships, Brown said.

Their nationalities were unknown.

No U.S. sailors were injured, the Navy said.

The Navy said the incident involving the USS Cape St. George and USS Gonzalez occurred at about 5:40 a.m. local time, approximately 25 nautical miles off the Somali coast in international waters.

Boycott Mission: Impossible 3 till the episode is aired
No kidding: Scientology bests 'South Park' for now

Not satisfied with simply snipping Katie Holmes sex scenes out of movies, Tom Cruise this week throttled one of the world's more powerful media companies in his march to sweep the pop culture landscape of ideas he finds offensive.

At least that was the story making the rounds in some circles Friday. The buzz was over claims that Cruise forced Comedy Central to drop a scheduled rerun of "South Park's" infamous episode that lampoons Scientology.

The episode was already the center of controversy earlier this week when "South Park" cast member Isaac Hayes, a Scientologist, quit the show, decrying its religious "bigotry." "South Park" creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone responded that Hayes never objected when the show mocked other religions.

On Friday, the episode, titled "Trapped in the Closet," was back in the news, when the New York Post and Variety reported that Cruise was behind Comedy Central's decision to yank Wednesday's rerun of the show. The papers reported that Cruise threatened to skip all promotional activities on behalf of his big summer movie, "Mission: Impossible 3" if the episode aired. The connection? Paramount is releasing "Mission: Impossible." Paramount is owned by Viacom. So is Comedy Channel.

At first, Comedy Central insisted that the "Closet" episode was dumped out of respect for Hayes. But then Trey and Stone muddied the waters by releasing this cryptic statement, full of Scientology references, to Variety:

"So, Scientology, you may have won THIS battle, but the million-year war for earth has just begun! Temporarily anozinizing our episode will NOT stop us from keeping Thetans forever trapped in your pitiful man-bodies. Curses and drat! You have obstructed us for now, but your feeble bid to save humanity will fail! Hail Xenu!!!"

"Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities."

Friday, March 17, 2006

France: Who needs technical prowess? We’ve got legislative blackmail.
French Draft Law Threatens iPod's Future

PARIS (AP) -- Apple Computer Inc. faces a serious challenge in France, where lawmakers have moved to sever the umbilical cord between its iPod player and iTunes online music store - threatening its lucrative hold on both markets.

Amendments to an online copyright bill, adopted early Friday, would give rivals access to the hitherto-exclusive file formats at the heart of Apple's music business model as well as Sony Corp.'s Walkman players and Connect store.

Thanks to the massive success of the iPod models, which account for two out of every three music players sold worldwide, iTunes has also become the global leader in online music sales. The iPod is currently designed not to play music from other commercial music services.

According to the latest amendments, however, copy-protection technologies like Apple's exclusive FairPlay format and Sony's ATRAC3 "must not result in the prevention of the effective application of interoperability."

Companies would have to share all "information essential to the interoperability" of their copy-protection formats with any rival that requests it. If they refuse, a judge can order its delivery, on pain of fines...

I commented earlier that “democratic socialism” has turned Europe into a cabal of truculent spoiled children. Clearly, France leads the brat pack.

Alice in DSCCland
Ex-Democratic aide plans to plead guilty

A former Democratic operative will plead guilty to a federal charge of illegally obtaining Maryland Lt. Gov. Michael S. Steele's credit report, the woman's attorney said yesterday.

Lauren Weiner, who was a researcher for the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC) last year when she accessed the credit data, will plead guilty to the misdemeanor offense in coming weeks, said her attorney, Whitney C. Ellerman.

She will likely be sentenced to 150 hours of community service with no jail time or fines, and her criminal record will be erased after one year of probation…

The DSCC has said it did not approve or have prior knowledge of Miss Weiner's actions.

However, DSCC spokesman Phil Singer yesterday said the committee has paid the legal fees for Miss Weiner and Katie Barge, who was the committee's research director and supervised Miss Weiner at the time she obtained the credit report.

Both women resigned from the committee in September amid a federal investigation…

[Barge’s attorney William E.] Lawler said his client remains supportive of Miss Weiner and "certainly does not think that Lauren acted with any bad motive or anything like that."
So, Miss Barge thinks that stealing a person’s identity information to illegally obtaining his credit report in an effort to smear him during a political campaign is a good thing to do?

One wonders what she condoned in her previous jobs “as a researcher for presidential candidate Sen. John Edwards, North Carolina Democrat, and as a research director for Media Matters for America, a Web-based enterprise founded to combat the influence of conservative news commentators.”

NOLA election: A demagogue and a wacko battle for attention
Justice OKs elections in New Orleans

...But the decision neither appeased civil rights activists nor addressed the actions of Kimberly Williamson Butler, New Orleans' recently incarcerated chief election official and new mayoral candidate.

Mrs. Butler, the Orleans Parish Clerk of Court, spent three days in jail last week for ignoring a court order before joining the hotly contested field of 23 candidates. This week, she refused to cede her elected post to oversee next month's election.

"I can't kick her out, but I have a small army of people working hand in glove doing what she is supposed to be doing," said Secretary of State Al Ater, the state's top election official who asked Mrs. Butler to step down.

"She will be shadowed and closely watched to make sure this is a legitimate and fair election," he said.

Jesse Jackson's Rainbow-PUSH Coalition and the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, which asked the Justice Department to review the state's plan to hold primary elections for mayor, City Council and other posts on April 22, will march on the city in protest early next month.

"Two-thirds of the eligible population has been disenfranchised," said Mr. Jackson, who wants satellite polling stations set up in 44 states. "This is more onerous than the poll tax laws of 1965."…

As for Mrs. Butler, Jeff Crouere, who moderated a debate last week in which the election official did not participate, called the candidate's behavior "bizarre, even by New Orleans standards -- which is really saying something."

"Everyone was very disappointed when she didn't show up because they were hoping for a lot of fireworks," Mr. Crouere said. "Her pastor told us God sent her to save New Orleans and that she's the sanest person ever. I think she's the craziest person ever."

The state Supreme Court fined Mrs. Butler $500 and gave her a 72-hour sentence for disappearing four days after refusing court orders to file Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) paperwork needed to repair the city's hurricane damaged evidence facility.

After serving her sentence last week, Mrs. Butler declared herself a civil rights hero and mayoral candidate.

"I served my time. I can rank myself among many heroes: Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King Jr., Gandhi and Nelson Mandela," she told the New Orleans Times-Picayune after her release March 9...

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Marching for mediocrity, at best
French Students Hold New Demonstrations

PARIS (AP) -- Students marched, chanted and whistled in renewed nationwide protests of a new labor law Thursday, as the French government tried to maintain a united front for a pivotal test of its direction.

Tens of thousands of university and high school students turned out for marches in several cities, many wearing T-shirts mocking the government and waving enormous banners demanding the law be repealed.

The escalating protests center on a measure that allows employers to fire young workers within their first two years without giving a reason. This is designed to give employers flexibility, which would encourage them to hire more young people...

The phrase “allows employers to fire young workers within their first two years without giving a reason” in that last paragraph is a distorted characterization of the measure. French employment law makes American civil service employment rules look like “at will” employment and that applies to every job, public or private, in France. For the reader that does not understand this analogy, suffice it to say that for all practical purposes, short of murdering your boss, once you have signed a work contract (mandatory for all but a few jobs in France) to work for an employer in France, you have a job (or nearly equivalent unemployment wage benefits) for life.

The new measure allows a French employer to fire a new hire (who in France is invariably someone in their late teens or early twenties because older people have already secured their “for life” income stream) that is deadweight before that individual becomes yet another permanent anchor stifling the employer’s ability to perform and react to changes in the firm's marketplace.

Some additional perspective: It takes four people in France to do the same work easily accomplished by three workers in the United States and the gap is widening. Worse still, France’s overall unemployment rate is double that in the US.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Virtual plantation
“When you look at the way the House of Representatives has been run, it has been run like a plantation and you know what I'm talking about…”

Senator Hillary Clinton
speaking to a predominantly black audience
at Al Sharpton's Martin Luther King Day event
in Harlem – January 2006

Senator Clinton’s political gaffe is understandable; she is the junior senator from NY, in her first elective office. Clearly, she understands the concept of plantation politics, she’s just a little slow in figuring out which political party depends on it.

Perhaps reading Medicare education sought for blacks (excerpts follow) in today’s Washington Times would clarify things for her.
Black doctors and advocates for senior citizens spoke loudly to black Democratic lawmakers on Capitol Hill yesterday urging them to put politics aside and work harder to enroll seniors in the Medicare prescription drug plan…

Democrats have opposed and denounced the Medicare drug plan since 2003, but that has put black politicians, mostly Democrats, at odds with many of their senior constituents, who are not only confused by the plan but also by the message from their representatives.

The NMA's [National Medical Association, a group of more than 25,000 black doctors] message to the black community "is that this will help seniors, despite the maze you have to go through to get enrolled," said Ben Johnson, former assistant to President Clinton.

He said many black seniors have said that ministers and other black leaders have told them not to enroll...

007 – License to litigate
Sean Connery Sues Country Club for $1M

LOS ANGELES - Sean Connery is suing a country club for allegedly using his "worldwide celebrity" to fatten its reputation and refusing to pay money owed him after he ended his membership.

Connery is seeking more than $500,000 for breach of contract and more than $500,000 for "unjust enrichment" from the Sherwood Country Club in Thousand Oaks, according to a lawsuit filed Monday in Superior Court.

The suit claims the golf club was aware of the actor's lucrative status as an "internationally renowned celebrity and famously avid golfer" when it invited him to join in 1990 at a special initiation fee of $35,000…

In 2004, Connery terminated his membership. But according to the lawsuit, Connery's contract allowed him to collect 80 percent of the "going rate" of membership — more than $500,000 — which the club has refused to pay.

"The lawsuit was not our first choice," Connery's attorney Louis "Skip" Miller said Tuesday. "But they won't honor their obligations, so we had no choice but to file."...

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

AP’s Steven Hurst: I can’t get the facts straight but, believe me, civil war is coming
Iraq Edges Closer to Open Civil Warfare

By Steven R. Hurst

BAGHDAD, Iraq - Iraqi authorities discovered at least 87 corpses — men shot to death execution-style — as Iraq edged closer to open civil warfare. Twenty-nine of the bodies, dressed only in underwear, were dug out of a single grave Tuesday in a Shiite neighborhood of Baghdad.

The bloodshed appeared to be retaliation for a bomb and mortar attack in the Sadr City slum that killed at least 58 people and wounded more than 200 two days earlier…

The most gruesome find Tuesday — the 29 bodies dressed only in underwear — was made after police, acting on a tip, discovered an 18-by-24-foot grave in an empty field in Kamaliyah, a mostly Shiite east Baghdad suburb, Interior Ministry official Lt. Col. Falah al-Mohammedawi said. He estimated the victims were killed about three days ago — before the Sadr City attack Sunday evening

So the people who killed the 29 underwear-clad men were clairvoyant. How else could they kill in retaliation for an attack that had yet to occur?

The really disgusting thing about reports like this is that it is becoming clear that the MSM, especially the NY Times, the AP, and CNN are literally aching for civil war in Iraq. Consequently, their reporting has moved from being predictably biased to being downright suspect.

Giggle, snort, guffaw.

What?… What?... Whaaat?

Senator Debbie Stabenow (D-MI) test marketing her re-election campaign slogan on the Senate floor?

(hat tip: The Corner on NRO)

The Complete Idiots Association (CIA)
WASHINGTON -- She is 52 years old, married, grew up in the Kansas City suburbs and now lives in Virginia, in a new three-bedroom house.

Anyone who can qualify for a subscription to one of the online services that compile public information also can learn that she is a CIA employee who, over the past decade, has been assigned to several American embassies in Europe.

The CIA asked the Tribune not to publish her name because she is a covert operative, and the newspaper agreed. But unbeknown to the CIA, her affiliation and those of hundreds of men and women like her have somehow become a matter of public record, thanks to the Internet.

When the Tribune searched a commercial online data service, the result was a virtual directory of more than 2,600 CIA employees, 50 internal agency telephone numbers and the locations of some two dozen secret CIA facilities around the United States.

Only recently has the CIA recognized that in the Internet age its traditional system of providing cover for clandestine employees working overseas is fraught with holes, a discovery that is said to have "horrified" CIA Director Porter Goss.

"Cover is a complex issue that is more complex in the Internet age," said the CIA's chief spokeswoman, Jennifer Dyck. "There are things that worked previously that no longer work. Director Goss is committed to modernizing the way the agency does cover in order to protect our officers who are doing dangerous work."

Dyck declined to detail the remedies "since we don't want the bad guys to know what we're fixing."

Several "front companies" set up to provide cover for CIA operatives and the agency's small fleet of aircraft recently began disappearing from the Internet, following the Tribune's disclosures that some of the planes were used to transport suspected terrorists to countries where they claimed to have been tortured.

Although finding and repairing the vulnerabilities in the CIA's cover system was not a priority under Goss' predecessor, George Tenet, one senior U.S. official observed that "the Internet age didn't get here in 2004," the year Goss took over at the CIA…

Pulverizing a dead horse using the fake but accurate method
Symbol of Abu Ghraib Seeks to Spare Others His Nightmare

By Hassan M. Fattah

AMMAN, Jordan, March 8 — Almost two years later, Ali Shalal Qaissi's wounds are still raw.

There is the mangled hand, an old injury that became infected by the shackles chafing his skin. There is the slight limp, made worse by days tied in uncomfortable positions. And most of all, there are the nightmares of his nearly six-month ordeal at Abu Ghraib prison in 2003 and 2004…

A disfigured hand also seems visible in the infamous picture, and features prominently in Mr. Qaissi's outlook on life. In Abu Ghraib, the hand, with two swollen fingers, one of them partly blown off, and a deep gash in the palm, earned him the nickname Clawman, he said…
But wait...

N.Y. Times' Iraq Detainee Story Challenged

NEW YORK (AP) -- The New York Times is investigating questions raised about the identity of a man who said in a Page 1 profile that he is the Abu Ghraib prisoner whose hooded image became an icon of abuse by American captors.

The online magazine challenged the man's identity, based on an examination of 280 Abu Ghraib pictures it has been studying for weeks and on an interview with an official of the Army's Criminal Investigation Command. The official says the man the Times profiled Saturday, Ali Shalal Qaissi, is not the detainee in the photograph.

In an e-mail to the Times, Chris Grey, chief spokesman for the Army investigations unit, wrote: "We have had several detainees claim they were the person depicted in the photograph in question. Our investigation indicates that the person you have is not the detainee who was depicted in the photograph released in connection with the Abu Ghraib investigation."....

If one examines the photo of the alleged victim that accompanies the NY Times article, he is holding the iconic abuse picture but only his right hand is visible, his disfigured left hand is not. If you examine the larger version of the same abuse photo accompanying the Washington Times (WT) article, the prisoner’s left hand does not seem disfigured. Clearly, the angle and the resolution of the WT photo (and its sister in the NYT picture) do not lend themselves to a definitive analysis. Which, of course, is not a bad thing given what the NY Times is selling.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Senate Dems: Russ who?
Feingold Draws Little Support for Censure

WASHINGTON - Democrats distanced themselves Monday from Wisconsin Sen. Russell Feingold's effort to censure President Bush over domestic spying, preventing a floor vote that could alienate swing voters.

A day of tough, election-year talk between Feingold and Vice President Dick Cheney ended with Senate leaders sending the matter to the Judiciary Committee.

Republicans dared Democrats to vote for the proposal.

"Some Democrats in Congress have decided the president is the enemy," Vice President Dick Cheney told a Republican audience in Feingold's home state…

Even as he spoke, Democratic leaders held off the immediate vote that Majority Leader Bill Frist requested. Sen. Dick Durbin, D-Ill., said he didn't know if there ever would be one. Durbin said that Feingold had sought to use the censure resolution "as a catalyst" for thorough hearings and investigations.

The referral averted a debate and a vote that Democrats privately worried would alienate voters who could decide close elections.

Throughout the day, Feingold's fellow Democrats said they understood his frustration but they held back overt support for the resolution...

Understandable, those beanies can cause a bad hair day.

Winnowing the herd - Part Deux*
Amateur body piercing dangerous: pediatrician

Teenagers in St. John's say there is an underground body piercing industry in the city.

People are offering the service in their homes – and while it may be cheap, health officials say it is also dangerous.

"I had my lip done … and the cartilage of my ear," said 17-year-old Katie O'Brien.

O'Brien did not go to a business to get her lip pierced, she went to a man's house – something she admits may not have been safe.

"There were like 10 people getting different things done at the same time, well, at the same place," said O'Brien.

"It was in some guy's room."

O'Brien's 15-year-old friend, Kayla Cranshaw, said she has seen piercings done that way too.

She said it was not clean, but it was cheap…

St. John's pediatrician Rick Cooper said amateur body piercing is scary.

"There might be reactions to the metals in the jewelry. The biggest thing would be possible infection," said Cooper.

"Often the infections that would result would not be life threatening, but they could still do a lot of damage and cause a deformity."

Cranshaw and O'Brien said they know it is risky – but O'Brien said it's the new "cool" thing to do.

Newfoundland and Labrador's chief medical examiner last week confirmed he is looking into the death of a teenage girl that could be connected to body piercing.

* - part one is here.

(Hat tip: Best of the Web Today - March 13, 2006)

Every village needs an idiot, TSA can stop looking
Judge Unexpectedly Halts Moussaoui Trial

ALEXANDRIA, Va. - An angry federal judge considered Monday whether to dismiss the government's death penalty case against confessed al-Qaida conspirator Zacarias Moussaoui after a federal attorney coached witnesses in violation of her rule.

"I do not want to act precipitously," U.S. District Judge Leonie Brinkema said in scheduling a special hearing on the case Tuesday, but she said that it was "very difficult for this case to go forward."…

An attorney for the TSA ... egregiously breached that order," she told jurors before excusing them until Wednesday. Of the seven, three were to testify for the government and four were potential defense witnesses.

Government officials identified the attorney as Carla Martin.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Who is backing whom?

Socialist Hugo Chavez is pumping Venezuelan oil money and considerable face time into the American Angry Left’s propaganda machine. I posted about it here, here, and here.

But, France, the epicenter of Europe’s “democratic socialism,” just said no to over a billion dollars from Chavez. Perhaps the riots that swept across France last November have altered that country’s “go along to get along” philosophy.

USA Today: We have an agenda. Can you guess what it is?

USA Today just published 8,000 desert during Iraq war. Read the article and then take this test.

1. Since the September 11, 2001 attack on the United States, desertion from the US Armed Forces has:
a) Increased by 18%
b) Decreased by 57%
c) Remained the same
2. Compared to the Viet Nam War, the desertion rate for the war in Iraq is:
a) About the same
b) 2 times higher
c) 14 times lower
3. USA Today sought an analysis and characterization of the statistics presented in their article from:
a) An anti-war group
b) A historian
c) Non-partisan think tank(s)
4. What is the total number of soldiers, sailors, marines, and airmen that have deserted in Iraq since the beginning of the war:
a) 133
b) 2,101
c) 1

The correct answers are: 1. (b), 2. (c), 3, (a), 4. (c)

Feingold: I’m the new Commander-in-Chief of the Tinfoil Beanie Brigade
Feingold Wants Bush Censured for Spying

WASHINGTON (AP) -- A liberal Democratic senator who is considering a White House bid in 2008 said Sunday he is seeking to censure President Bush over his domestic eavesdropping program. The Senate majority leader called it "a crazy political move."

A censure resolution, which simply would scold the president, has been used just once in U.S. history - against Andrew Jackson in 1834.

Wisconsin Sen. Russ Feingold, a longtime critic of the Bush administration, said he hoped a censure would cause Bush to apologize for the warrantless surveillance that he put in place on his own after the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001...

And yet Feingold, who entered the Senate in 1993, never had a problem with NSA’s Echelon program during the whole of the Clinton Administration.

Double-parking in the name of the Lord
New parking spaces to curb Sunday spats

The District's Department of Transportation (DDOT) says it will begin creating next month 77 new, permanent parking spaces and 78 Sundays-only spaces in the Logan Circle area.

DDOT officials plan to reconfigure parking spaces and strictly enforce parking rules on Sundays to curb double-parking by churchgoers in the Northwest neighborhood…

Several churches near Logan Circle -- including Metropolitan Baptist Church, Lincoln Congregational Temple United Church of Christ and Tenth Street Baptist Church -- attract large numbers of congregants Sunday mornings and some weeknights, residents say. The congregants, many of whom are not city residents, have tended to double-park their cars, which reduces road space, blocks residents' cars and sometimes stops traffic...

Seems a little un-Christian; driving into town to worship and then saying “screw you” to the residents living in the area around your church.