Saturday, April 01, 2006


Freed hostage Jill Carroll has released a statement that can be found here.

What impressed me the most about Ms. Carroll’s statement is that the reader has no inkling as to her attitude/position about the war in Iraq.

One senses real gratitude when she thanks and praises the people and organizations that worked to free her, as well as those who have helped her after her release, to include the US Military.

She is unequivocal in her condemnation of her captors and their murderous actions and to that point says:
During my last night in captivity, my captors forced me to participate in a propaganda video. They told me they would let me go if I cooperated. I was living in a threatening environment, under their control, and wanted to go home alive. I agreed.

Things that I was forced to say while captive are now being taken by some as an accurate reflection of my personal views. They are not. The people who kidnapped me and murdered Alan Enwiya are criminals, at best. They robbed Alan of his life and devastated his family. They put me, my family and my friends--and all those around the world, who have prayed so fervently for my release--through a horrific experience. I was, and remain, deeply angry with the people who did this.

I also gave a TV interview to the Iraqi Islamic Party shortly after my release. The party had promised me the interview would never be aired on television, and broke their word. At any rate, fearing retribution from my captors, I did not speak freely. Out of fear I said I wasn't threatened. In fact, I was threatened many times.

Also, at least two false statements about me have been widely aired: That I refused to travel and cooperate with the US military and that I refused to discuss my captivity with US officials. Again, neither is true.

Again, refreshing.

Friday, March 31, 2006

Students and Unions to Chirac: Stick it in your ear, Jacques
Chirac Makes Some Concessions on Jobs Law

PARIS - President Jacques Chirac said Friday he would press ahead with a contentious labor law making it easier to fire workers, but he offered some concessions in hopes of calming furious protests that led to nationwide strikes.

Chirac said he would reduce a trial period during which employees could be summarily dismissed from two years to one, and he would require employers to offer reasons for the dismissal…

The concessions appeared to anger, not appease, opponents of the law, who wanted it scrapped altogether.

"We don't want to negotiate ... we don't want it at all," Bruno Julliard, head of the largest students' union, said on TF1 television. "The president had the chance to give a clear answer, which he didn't do."

The head of the Worker's Force union, Jean-Claude Mailly, said strikes already planned for next Tuesday should go ahead.

A modified law "is not what was asked for," he said…

Young workers face a 22 percent unemployment rate — the highest in Western Europe…[Ed. – it’s over 40% among the Muslim ‘youths’ who torched France last November]

Essentially, the French unions and students are not unlike sloths swiping at a family of distempered bears. Can anyone guess what’s going to happen when the injured bears overwhelm the zookeepers?

Stern: People who won’t pay to listen to my foul drivel are ‘cheap bastards’
NEW YORK (AP) -- Howard Stern is angry more fans haven't followed him to satellite radio. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, the 52-year-old shock jock lashes out at those of his fan base who haven't made the transition to Sirius Satellite Radio…

"It's insulting to me that everyone hasn't come with me. I take it personally," he says.

"I want to say to my audience ... `You haven't come with me yet? How dare you? We're up to wild, crazy stuff, the show has never sounded better. You cheap bastard!'"…

‘Osama' Opens in London Instead of N.Y.
By Herkimer Jerkwater
Agenda Press Writer

LONDON (AP) -- A play about a Saudi activist trapped in Pakistan has opened in London - 3,000 miles from its previously planned off-Broadway home.

"My Name Is Osama bin Laden," a one-man show starring Ima Moron, began a six-week run this week at the Oblivious Theatre in London's West End.

First produced last year at London's subsidized Parasitic Actors Theatre, the play had been due to open this month at New York Tripe Workshop, one of the city's leading off-Broadway spaces. But the production was suspended indefinitely in February.

The show's director, British actor Awful Teeth, said the theater had canceled the run, and accused it of "censorship born out of fear." But in a March 14 statement posted on the company's Web site, Tripe Workshop’s artistic director said the company had sought only more time to "find ways to let Osama's words rise above the polemics."

"We regret that requesting more time to achieve that goal was interpreted as failing to fulfill a commitment and, oh my god, as censorship," he said.

The Oblivious stepped in to stage the story of Osama, who was responsible for the September 11, 2001 terrorist attack on the United States that killed 3,000 people and destroyed the World Trade Center.

Since his retreat into a hole in the ground, Osama has become a divisive figure in the United States, with people like Corpulent More hailing his thug minions as "freedom fighters" and opponents condemning him as a bloodthirsty psychopath.

"My Name Is Osama bin Laden" sets out to create a more rounded picture. Writer Karen Klueless - features editor of The Sentinel newspaper in London - and writer-director Teeth, weave together sections of diatribes, decrees and threatening videos from Osama's time in the Middle East, along with childhood journals, to create a picture of a passionate but imperfect idealist.

The show is bound to provoke strong reactions. Some will disagree with Osama's analysis of what he calls "people who are impacted by infidel crusaders." But his descriptions of the glories of the Dark Ages is powerful. In Moron’s performance, Osama emerges as passionate and articulate but flawed, fired by the fanaticism - and the self-righteousness - of an Islamofacist.

"We've tried to show he is neither a saint nor a devil," Klueless said. "He is just an ordinary garden variety sociopath.

"Everyone who sees the play realizes you don't have to agree with him to find it a moving experience. I think it's important to see beyond the politics of it. It is a political play, but that's not all it is. Osama is a political man, but that's not all he is."

Klueless said she still hoped that "My Name Is Osama bin Laden" would be produced this year in New York - though not at New York Tripe Workshop. The Seattle Moonbat Theatre announced earlier this week it would present the play next year during its Spring season, “when the critical planets of the solar system are in proper alignment for such an important work.”

Given the success of ‘Osama’ at the Parasitic Actors Theatre, other theatrical companies have jumped on the “My Name is…” meme.

MD General Assembly Democrats: Blackmail, schmackmail - we’d sell our mothers to get re-elected.
State aims to halt utility merger

ANNAPOLIS -- The General Assembly yesterday sent to Gov. Robert L. Ehrlich Jr.'s desk a bill that aims to leverage lower energy rates by halting a multibillion-dollar merger between a Florida utility company and the parent company of Baltimore Gas & Electric Co. (BGE).

Florida Power & Light Co.'s proposed $11 billion merger with Constellation Energy Group this summer does not figure in BGE's 72 percent rate increase, which is expected to jolt the utility's 1.1 million customers beginning July 1.

But lawmakers, most of whom are seeking re-election, have threatened to delay the merger to persuade utility executives to lower the increase. The bill would establish a special counsel who would review utility mergers and report to lawmakers, thereby delaying the merger by at least a year…[Ed. – In other words, blackmail]

Power company executives have vowed to sue if the state interferes with the merger…

That the impending utility rate increase is as large as it is the fault of these self same Democrats in the legislature who are trying now to blame everybody but themselves. But ultimately the responsibility lies at the feet of the Maryland electorate. The Democrats count on the abject ignorance of their base in Maryland and are rarely disappointed.

If you buy that, I’ve got a bridge I want to sell you
Fox pledges more border control

CANCUN, Mexico -- Mexican President Vicente Fox yesterday promised President Bush that his country will do more to control the U.S.-Mexico border and will strengthen its own southern border to reduce the number of aliens crossing into Mexico to reach the United States…

Thursday, March 30, 2006

The other shoe drops
American hostage released in Baghdad

Eighty-two days after she was dragged from her car at gunpoint, the American journalist Jill Carroll was free yesterday, walking unharmed into the branch office of an Iraqi political party in one of the most dangerous suburbs of Baghdad…

In her first message to the outside world she was adamant that she had been well treated by her captors. "They never said they would hit me [they] never threatened me in any way," Carroll said during a television interview. "I was treated very well, it's important for people to know that."

Wearing grey and green Arabic robes, with her dark hair firmly tucked up beneath a headscarf, Carroll appeared calm, and relatively unshaken…
Kind of bizarre, right? A women threatened with beheading, shown in a ransom video intimidated to the point of sobbing tears, is freed and gives a calm press conference in female Arab robes and headgear saying, “it’s important for people to know” she was “treated very well.”

Yeah, well, get a load of this.

American reporter Jill Carroll has been released after a three-month hostage ordeal in Iraq, and was with US officials inside Baghdad's fortified Green Zone.

Ms Carroll, a freelance reporter for The Christian Science Monitor, was kidnapped on January 7, in Baghdad's western Adil neighbourhood while going to interview Sunni Arab politician Adnan al-Dulaimi. Her translator was killed in the attack.

The 28-year-old reporter was dropped on Thursday at the door of the Iraqi Islamic Party headquarters in Baghdad's western Amiriyah district, by an unknown group…

A video posted on the internet, which could not be independently verified, showed Ms Carroll in an interview apparently conducted by her captors before they released her.

"Did you think the American army or the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) would save you at any time," a muffled male voice asked Ms Carroll in accented English.

"Sometimes I thought maybe that they might come, they might find me, they might find a way to know where I am and come get me," she answered.

"Why did not they save you?" asked the interviewer.

"I think the mujahedeen are very smart and even with all the technology and all the people that the American army has here, they still are better at knowing how to live and work here, more clever," she said.

"Does this mean something to you?" the man questioning her asked.

"It makes very clear that the mujahedeen are the ones that will win in the end," Ms Carroll said in the video.

At the end of the eight-and-a-half minute tape, the same man read out a statement in Arabic.

"The mujahedeen in the land of the two rivers announce the liberation of the journalist Jill Carroll... after the US forces and the CIA failed to find her making their ineptitude obvious to the whole world," he said.

¿Usted habla inglés?
No hablo ingles.

Loak cheH niyee-ây ph*ee-uhsâ awngklayH rêu tây?
Je ne parle pas anglais.

3 Lowell teachers ordered reinstated

Three Lowell teachers, who were fired for failing the district's English fluency tests in 2003, should be allowed back in the classroom and receive full back pay, an arbitrator has ruled.

Pedro Espada, 62, Vandy Duch, 43, and Vong Oung, 39, have been unable to find work as teachers since they were dismissed, their lawyers said yesterday. The teachers, who were advised to refer questions to their lawyers, were unavailable to comment.

An arbitrator for the American Arbitration Association, an independent organization, ruled on Monday that the district did not have ''just cause" to fire the teachers and said that any reference to their termination should be expunged from their personnel files. The teachers are also entitled to nearly three years in lost salary and benefits, including their pensions and health insurance. School officials plan to appeal the ruling, said Karla Baehr, the Lowell schools superintendent.

The teachers' firings were fallout from the state's 2002 law that moved to replace bilingual programs with English-only classes and ensure that teachers were fluent and literate in English. School systems began giving English fluency tests to teachers, leading to dismissals or reassignments of teachers who failed the tests in Lowell and Lawrence…

We don’t need no stinking scores

In a conference room somewhere in the bowels of the District of Columbia government, two bureaucrats wearing ski masks and disguising their voices take a meeting in late 2004.

Bureaucrat A: “This ‘scorecard’ crap is eating our lunch.”

Bureaucrat B: “Agreed, but what can we do?”

A: “Stop keeping score.”

B (after having pondered the suggestion for several seconds): “Brilliant!”

17 months later
, DC’s press is all over it
Who's minding the score?

A signature initiative of D.C. Mayor Anthony A. Williams that was designed to let the public track the performance of city agencies has fallen into disrepair.

A series of "scorecards" rolled out in April 2000 and posted on the city's Web site, at, has not been updated since October 2004...

MA Supremes: We’re not the Gay Bay State
Court: Gays Can't Come to Mass. to Marry

BOSTON (AP) -- Same-sex couples from states where gay marriage is banned cannot legally marry in Massachusetts, the state's highest court ruled Thursday.

The Supreme Judicial Court, which three years ago made Massachusetts the first state to legalize gay marriage, upheld a 1913 state law that forbids nonresidents from marrying in Massachusetts if their marriage would not be recognized in their home state.

"The laws of this commonwealth have not endowed non-residents with an unfettered right to marry," the court wrote in its 38-page opinion. "Only non-resident couples who come to Massachusetts to marry and intend to reside in this commonwealth thereafter can be issued a marriage license without consideration of any impediments to marriage that existed in their former home states."…

Gov. Mitt Romney applauded the ruling.

"We don't want Massachusetts to become the Las Vegas of same-sex marriage," Romney said. "It's important that other states have the right to make their own determination of marriage and not follow the wrong course that our Supreme Judicial Court put us on."…

This is an interesting ruling. I think it unlikely that the Supreme Judicial Court (SJC) was worried about the 1913 law or “endow[ing] non-residents with an unfettered right to marry.” This was a political move by this group of jurists. Had they ruled in favor of the plaintiffs, the other state(s) involved, their sovereignty having been trampled upon, would have taken the matter before the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS). And that would have called into question the whole of the inane logic the Massachusetts court used to legislate marriage law from the bench. I doubt SCOTUS would reach down into Massachusetts and disturb the Supreme Judicial Court’s ruling on gay marriage but it is likely that the idiocy of the original 4-3 SJC ruling on same-sex marriage would not go unnoticed in a SCOTUS opinion (either in concurrence or dissent). And nothing stings a jurist more, activist or not, than to be made to look the fool by a superior court.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Rallying the homeland

At a news conference at Union Station, near the Capitol, in front of banners reading Real Security.

Senator Reid (closing his portfolio): “We’ll take your questions now.”

Reid (pointing to a front-row reporter): “Yes.”

Local TV reporter: “Senator Reid, why are Democrats stronger than Republicans on national security?”

Reid: “Because we have an agenda that is tough and smart.”

Reporter: “Could you elaborate please?”

Congresswoman Pelosi (stepping up to the microphone): “It is a fresh strategy - one that is strong and smart, which understands the challenges America faces in a post 9/11 world, and one that demonstrates that Democrats are the party of real national security."

Reid and Pelosi (speaking in unison): “We’re going to double the number of those special forces guys and add more spies. We’re going to find Osama bin Laden.”

Reporter (turns to her video crew and pulls her index finger across her throat): “Okay, Guys, that’s a wrap.”

A few minutes later as the media gaggle thins out, Pelosi turned to an aide and said, “Don’t forget our banner.”
Democrats Offer National Security Strategy

The Associated Press
Wednesday, March 29, 2006

WASHINGTON -- Democrats on Wednesday proposed a wide-ranging strategy for protecting Americans at home and abroad, an election-year effort aimed at changing public perception that Republicans are stronger on national security. Republicans, for their part, criticized the national security policy statement as a stunt...

MD General Assembly Democrats: The PSC implemented the moronic laws we passed. What were they thinking?
Maryland Senate votes to oust PSC

ANNAPOLIS -- The Democrat-controlled Senate yesterday gave preliminary approval to a bill that would fire the five members of the utility-regulating Public Service Commission (PSC) for approving significant energy rate increases this summer.

"We don't have any confidence in the Public Service Commission," said Senate President Thomas V. Mike Miller Jr., Prince George's County Democrat. "They have shown that they're completely and totally aligned with the utility companies."

Mr. Miller said PSC Chairman Kenneth D. Schisler made a "horrible mistake" by allowing Baltimore Gas & Electric Co. (BGE) to raise its rates by 72 percent, Potomac Electric Power Co. (Pepco) by 39 percent and Delmarva Power by 35 percent.

The Senate president said the PSC "did not cause" the energy-rate crisis, but it has "done absolutely nothing to alleviate the crisis."

Gov. Robert L. Ehrlich Jr., a Republican who has appointed four of the five PSC commissioners, yesterday said, "If the same folks who brought you this situation want to control the Public Service Commission, let them have it."…

The rate increases are partly the result of a 1999 deregulation plan approved by the Democrat-controlled General Assembly and signed by Gov. Parris N. Glendening, a Democrat. [Ed. – there’s no ‘partly’ about it. The clueless Democrats forced the utility companies to borrow money to cover their operating expenses because their revenue under the mandated rate caps couldn’t. Now the chickens have come home to roost]

The plan included rate caps that kept electric bills artificially low for the past six years and discouraged competition from entering Maryland's partially deregulated utility market.

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse
Democrats Opening Assault on Bush Security Policies

WASHINGTON, March 28 — Seeking to capitalize on President Bush's troubles overseas, leading Democrats in Congress are unveiling a broad attack this week on the administration's security policies at home and overseas along with a set of proposals intended to demonstrate that they have a credible alternative…

In a set of policy papers titled "Real Security: Protecting America and Restoring Our Leadership in the World,"Democratic leaders in the House and Senate plan to join with leading figures in the party, including former Secretary of State Madeleine K. Albright and Wesley K. Clark, the retired general and former presidential contender, in presenting the plan on Wednesday…

"In these times of unprecedented challenge and change, real leadership demands preparing for the threats that exist today and those that will emerge tomorrow," said Representative Nancy Pelosi of California, the House Democratic leader, who will be appearing with Senator Harry Reid of Nevada, the Senate Democratic leader…

Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Madeleine Albright and Wesley Clark??!!

Calling a press conference to trot out Real Security: Protecting America and Restoring Our Leadership in the World policy papers?

Close your eyes and imagine those four, and anyone that their leadership, integrity, character, and charisma might enlist, as all that stands between you and an enemy bent on destroying you, your family and your country.

Tell me that that’s not the Apocalypse.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Gather up your belongings und get into ze truck. Schnell!

Read Boy, 8, accused of sexual harassment (excerpted below) and then answer the questions that follow.
LORAIN -- Lorain school officials this week executed an ''emergency removal'' of an 8-year-old boy who they say sexually harassed a girl in gym class.

The boy's mother, Tammy Barth, said yesterday her son was playing in gym on Tuesday when a girl student said he and two other boys may have grabbed her buttocks.

He was then questioned in an informal hearing by school officials and he admitted he had been passing love notes to the same girl...

The Lorain school officials are:
a) sexually repressed cretins
b) dumber than dirt
c) beacons of hope in a community overrun with second grade mashers

Lorain Schools’ spokesman Dean Schnurr:
a) should not be allowed near sharp objects
b) makes Charlie Sheen look like Albert Einstein
c) should legally change his last name

(Hat tip: Best of the Web Today - March 28, 2006)

MI Republicans bow to the street - poor citizens and legal aliens will lose their jobs
Mich. Gov. Signs Minimum Wage Increase

LANSING, Mich. (AP) -- Workers earning the minimum wage in Michigan will get a raise in October under legislation signed Tuesday by Gov. Jennifer Granholm.

The minimum rate will climb from $5.15 an hour to $6.95 an hour, then to $7.15 an hour in July 2007 and to $7.40 an hour in July 2008…

Michigan's Republican-dominated Legislature passed the minimum wage increase this month after it became evident that a petition drive to put the issue before voters in November was likely to succeed...
There are 12 million illegals in the US who are more than willing to work under the table for below minimum wage. And employers, unafraid of the toothless enforcement of employment and immigration law, will gladly hire them ‘off the books.’

Here's some reading on the subject:

Thomas Sowell
What Causes Unemployment?

...The net economic effect of minimum wage laws is to make less skilled, less experienced, or otherwise less desired workers more expensive -- thereby pricing many of them out of jobs. Large disparities in unemployment rates between the young and the mature, the skilled and the unskilled, and between different racial groups have been common consequences of minimum wage laws...

Walter E. Williams
Minimum wage, maximum folly

...The idea that minimum wage legislation is an anti-poverty tool is simply sheer nonsense. Were it an anti-poverty weapon, we might save loads of foreign aid expenditures simply by advising legislators in the world's poorest countries, such as Haiti, Bangladesh and Ethiopia, to legislate higher minimum wages. Even applied to the United States, there's little evidence suggesting that increases in the minimum wage help the poor. Plus, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, only 2.2 percent of working adults earn the minimum wage...

The Cato Institute

The Economic Effects of Minimum-Wage Laws

...Simply stated, if the government coercively raises the price of some good (such as labor) above its market value, the demand for that good will fall, and some of the supply will become "disemployed." Unfortunately, in the case of minimum wages, the disemployed goods are human beings. The worker who is not quite worth the newly imposed price loses out. Typically, the losers include young workers who have too little experience to be worth the new minimum and marginal workers who, for whatever reason, cannot produce very much. First and foremost, minimum-wage legislation hurts the least employable by making them unemployable, in effect pricing them out of the market...

Dumber than a bag of doorknobs

In today’s Chicago Tribune.
Card out as White House chief of staff, administration official says

The Associated Press

WASHINGTON -- White House chief of staff Andy Card has resigned and will be replaced by budget director Josh Bolten, an administration official said Tuesday.

President Bush was expected to announce the shake up during a meeting with reporters with reporters [sic] later Tuesday morning in the Oval Office of the White House…

Bush decided during a weekend stay at Camp David, Md., to accept Card's resignation and to name Bolten as his replacement, said the source who spoke on condition of anonymity because he did not want to pre-empt [sic] the president[Ed. – Think about that (the concept highlighted in red). There’s a idiot in the mix here; it’s either the source if s/he actually offered that as a reason or the reporter for characterizing it thus]

The street rules in France. Hey, what’s new?

Indolent mediocrity is the established norm for the French workforce. That France is rife with strikes, protests, and often riots to maintain the status quo is a problem beyond the social unrest. These ‘actions’ also drain, for weeks to come, what little productive energy the offended slugs had managed to muster for the workplace and universities.
Strike Disrupts France Amid Huge Protest

PARIS - Nationwide strikes disrupted airline, train and bus service, closed the Eiffel Tower and sent hundreds of thousands of protesters into the streets across France on Tuesday as unions joined in solidarity with students angered by a new labor law.

As public pressure mounted amid the largest demonstrations yet against the controversial youth employment contract, cracks appeared within the conservative government.

In a clear break with Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin, Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy suggested that the measure be suspended to allow talks with unions…

Organizers estimated that 3 million people joined marches across the country — claiming 700,000 in Paris alone. Police estimates were far lower.

"We have to defend the rights that were won by our ancestors and which the current government is trying to take away," said Maxime Ourly, a literature student who joined tens of thousands protesting on Paris' Left Bank.

Students and labor unions say the law will erode France's cherished workplace protections. Set to take effect next month, it would let companies fire employees younger than 26 without reason in the first two years on the job…

National newspapers were not on sale at newsstands, and radio and television broadcasts were limited. About a third of public school teachers and other education workers also were on strike.

France's top five labor union federations rejected Villepin's invitation to meet Wednesday for talks, insisting that he shelve the law first.

Politicians and MSM grimace, bloggers smile from ear to ear
FEC Won't Regulate Internet Politics

Regulators brought Internet political advertising under the nation's campaign finance law Monday but declared that all other political activity on the Internet would be untethered by federal rules.

The three Republicans and three Democrats on the Federal Election Commission unanimously adopted a rule requiring anyone placing a paid political ad on a Web site to abide by federal campaign spending and contribution limits.

But the rule also updates existing FEC regulations to make it clear that all other Internet political activity, such as blogging, e-mail communications and online publications, is not covered by the campaign law…

Under the new rule, bloggers on the Internet would be entitled to the same exemption from the campaign finance law that newspapers and other traditional forms of media have long received. "There will be no second class citizens among members of the media," Toner said...
Thinking about the implications of this unquestionably correct decision that protects free speech in America, I remembered a Chinese proverb:

The palest ink is better than the best memory

Politicians and the antique media have short memories and even shorter attention spans. The Internet does not. It will cough up previous speeches, legislative votes, editorials, campaign promises, ad hominem attacks and smears, and ‘news’ articles almost at will. And rational bloggers, unlike the liberal media and the politicians they protect, have no problem demonstrating that 2 + 2 = 4, again and again and again; and they just love to share.

Monday, March 27, 2006

He was part of the plot before he wasn’t
Moussaoui Denies Part in 9/11 Hijackings

ALEXANDRIA, Va. (AP) -- Al-Qaida conspirator Zacarias Moussaoui testified Monday he lied to investigators when arrested in August 2001 because he wanted to let the attacks of Sept. 11 go forward.

"Yes, you can say that," Moussaoui said when the prosecution asked if that was why he misled investigators. The statement was key to the government's case that the attacks might have been averted if Moussaoui had been more cooperative following his arrest.

Moussaoui testified Monday he knew the World Trade Center was going to be attacked but was not part of the plot and didn't know the details. He told the court he knew the attacks were coming some time after August 2001 and bought a radio so he could hear them unfold.

Nineteen men pulled off the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks on New York in Washington in the worst act of terrorism ever on U.S. soil.

"I had knowledge that the Twin Towers would be hit," Moussaoui, taking the stand in his own defense, said. "I didn't know the details of this."…

The AP: We are abject morons and we can prove it

il·le·gal \(')i(l)-'lE-g&l\ adj : not according to or authorized by law : UNLAWFUL, ILLICIT

crime \'krIm\ n 1 : an act or the commission of an act that is forbidden or the omission of a duty that is commanded by a public law and that makes the offender liable to punishment by that law; especially : a gross violation of law
Thousands protest immigration crackdown

By The Associated Press

More than 50,000 people gathered downtown Saturday as part of a national protest against a crackdown in immigration laws, including federal legislation aimed at criminalizing illegal immigrants and building more walls along the U.S.-Mexico border...
I’m assuming the Associated Press had at least one reporter and one editor working on this story and that one or both of them has a college diploma. What I’m trying to figure out is where they got the(ir) diploma(s). I’ve narrowed it down to either Ding Dong School or it being the prize in a box of Coco Puffs.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Illegal aliens are now demanding legal status
500,000 Pack Streets to Protest Immigration Bills

A crowd estimated by police at more than 500,000 boisterously marched in Los Angeles on Saturday to protest federal legislation that would crack down on undocumented immigrants, penalize those who help them and build a security wall along the U.S.' southern border.

Spirited but peaceful marchers — ordinary immigrants alongside labor, religious and civil rights groups — stretched more than 20 blocks along Spring Street, Broadway and Main Street to City Hall, tooting kazoos, waving American flags and chanting, "Sí se puede!" (Yes we can!).

Attendance at the demonstration far surpassed the number of people who protested against the Vietnam War and Proposition 187, a 1994 state initiative that sought to deny public benefits to undocumented migrants but was struck down by the courts. Police said there were no arrests or injuries except for a few cases of exhaustion...
In the space of the first three paragraphs of their article, LA Times staff writers Teresa Watanabe and Hector Becerra characterize the illegal aliens as undocumented immigrants, ordinary immigrants, and undocumented migrants. Do you think Watanabe and Becerra might have a dog in the fight?

There was another 100,000 person ‘rally’ just two weeks ago in Chicago. And a month ago there were threats of retribution from illegal aliens in Maryland.

The number of illegal aliens currently within our borders is conservatively estimated at 12 million. Some perspective: that number exceeds the population of all but six of our states (California, Florida, Illinois, New York, Pennsylvania, and Texas).

For most of its history, the United States has welcomed immigration. It is one of our strengths as a nation. But what’s happening now is not immigration, it is an invasion of people who knowingly and willfully commit a crime to enter the US and continue their lawlessness while here. They don’t pay income or social security taxes and have no intention of becoming citizens. They are not subject to health and background checks upon entry and, consequently, alien gang violence and communicable diseases, like tuberculosis, plague the communities where the illegals settle. Illegal aliens are draining the budgets of taxpayer funded social services, health services, and schools while sending much of the money they earn outside the United States.

Were I a long-haul Islamic fascist looking to destroy the United States I wouldn’t be preoccupied with bombs and WMD, I'd spend my time and energy figuring out ways to increase the flow of illegals into the US and then organize them in-country. Knocking down the Twin Towers in NYC will seem like chopping off a couple of fingers of the left hand compared to the metastasizing cancer that is this unfettered inflow of illegal aliens.

If ever there was an opportunity to instigate widespread civil unrest (if not anarchy) within our borders, rallying burgeoning ghettoes of illegal aliens may be it.

Spurlock: I’m here to prove I’m a boor whose intelligence is as limited as my vocabulary
Spurlock Speech Causes Stir at Pa. School

HORSHAM, Pa. (AP) -- The filmmaker who ate nothing but McDonald's meals for a month for his Oscar-nominated film "Super Size Me" gave a profanity-laced, politically incorrect speech at a suburban Philadelphia high school, but not everyone was lovin' it.

Speaking at Hatboro-Horsham High School's first-ever health fair, Morgan Spurlock joked about the intelligence of McDonald's employees, about "retarded kids in the back wearing helmets" and teachers smoking pot in the balcony.

The special education students in the back row were led by teachers out of the hourlong presentation.

"If you put the whole package together, the use of the F-word and poking fun at teachers and the comments about special-needs students, it just wasn't appropriate," Superintendent William Lessa said...

A speech Spurlock was to make at the school later Friday night for community members was canceled...

"The greatest lesson those kids learned today was the importance of free speech," Spurlock said. [Ed. - Yeaaah, free speech, yeah, that's the ticket]

Bombing for love
Woman held in Australian bomb plot

SYDNEY, Mar. 26 (UPI) — An Australian woman was being held Sunday on charges of plotting a public bombing, while her lawyer is seeking a psychiatric evaluation.

Jill Courtney, 26, was arrested in Sydney Friday night by New South Wales and Australian Federal Police, and charged with conspiracy to murder, and conspiracy to cause explosives to be placed in or near a public place between July 1 last year and Saturday.

Police claim Courtney, a Muslim convert, had a relationship with jailed killer Hussan Kalache and agreed to the bomb plot at his request. Kalache allegedly told Courtney if she carried out her mission to bomb a public place in Sydney, he would marry her, Australia's Sunday Mail newspaper reported…

"There is a little concern about her mental health," [her lawyer, Adam] Houda told the court.

No target had been selected for the attack and no explosives were found, the newspaper said.

Next round of CPT hostages: You want ‘em, you got ‘em
Rescued hostage rations his thanks

LONDON -- Freed peace activist Norman Kember gave qualified thanks yesterday to the soldiers who rescued him and two colleagues after 119 days of captivity in Iraq.

"I do not believe that a lasting peace is achieved by armed force," Mr. Kember said, "but I pay tribute to their courage and thank those who played a part in my rescue."

The brief statement by the retired physics professor appeared to be an attempt to quell the furor surrounding his failure -- and that of others in the Christian Peacemaker Teams (CPT) organization -- to thank the soldiers who risked their lives in the three-month rescue effort…

Gen. Mike Jackson, chief of the British general staff, had expressed dismay at Mr. Kember's apparent refusal to say "thank you," saying he was "saddened that there does not seem to have been a note of gratitude for the soldiers who risked their lives to save those lives."

The three freed hostages refused to take part in a critical debriefing session with intelligence officers.

"It is the ordinary people of Iraq that you should be talking to -- the people who have suffered so much over many years and still await the stable and just society that they deserve," Mr. Kember said yesterday.

"While in Baghdad we had opportunity to thank the British Embassy staff who worked so diligently for our release. I now thank the staff in Britain who also dedicated so much time to the same end."

The full gamut of Britain's intelligence services was involved in the hunt for the hostages, in an operation that cost millions of dollars. Agents from MI6, MI5, the Joint Communications Headquarters at Cheltenham and soldiers from the Special Air Service and the Special Reconnaissance Regiment all took part…

Jan Benvie, 51, an Edinburgh teacher who is due to go to Iraq with CPT this summer, said: "We make clear that if we are kidnapped we do not want there to be force or any form of violence used to release us."