Friday, April 28, 2006

And now, here they are – Pam Anderson!!
No Way to Treat a Relative
Chimps shouldn't be forced to live like me.

Friday, April 28, 2006 - WSJ

King Kong is my hero. He's big, muscular, sensitive, a terrific actor--and he's not real. The use of computer-generated imagery has really taken off in Hollywood. So why has Madison Avenue suddenly gone bananas for real apes? Chimpanzees are our closest living relatives, with at least 95% of the same DNA. We're closer to them than they are to gorillas, so when I see chimpanzees being used as on-screen comedians, dressed up in silly costumes to sell credit cards, I think, Is this any way to treat a relative?…

Rainbow vistas
O'Donnell to Replace Vieira on 'The View'

NEW YORK (AP) -- Rosie O'Donnell is expected to make a surprise return to daytime television by taking over exiting Meredith Vieira's slot on the talk show "The View."…

Dubbed "The Queen of Nice" when her syndicated talk show went on the air in 1996 and became an instant hit, O'Donnell won six Daytime Emmy Awards in six years as best talk-show host. She left the show to help raise four children with her partner, Kelli Carpenter O'Donnell…

She should have no problem holding her own with the other ladies on "The View." Since leaving daytime television, O'Donnell has become a strong advocate of gay and lesbian marriage and adoption. With her partner, she operates a cruise line for gay and lesbian families that was recently featured in an HBO movie…

Dept. of Correction union boss to Toussaint: De nada
NYC Transit Union Chief Gets Out Early

NEW YORK (AP) -- The union president who was sent to jail for leading an illegal subway and bus strike that crippled the nation's largest mass transit system was released Friday after serving less than half his 10-day sentence.

Roger Toussaint, head of the Transport Workers Union Local 100, was greeted as he left jail by a mob of supporters chanting: "Roger! Roger! Toussaint!" A passing city bus driver honked in approval of the rally.

A judge earlier this month found Toussaint in contempt of court for leading the three-day walkout just before Christmas in violation of a state law that bars public employees from striking. Toussaint was sentenced to 10 days in jail and fined $1,000.

Toussaint began serving his sentence Monday evening. The Department of Correction determined that he was eligible to have his sentence reduced for good behavior.

As he left jail, he thanked the Department of Correction and its staff for "making sure that I was afforded dignity and respect while I was incarcerated."…

"When the character of a man is not clear to you, look at his friends."
Japanese Proverb

Juror: I have no integrity but that's not my fault
Juror Claims She Was Pressured to Convict

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) -- A juror said in a sworn statement that she was pressured into casting the final vote to convict a man of attending a Pakistani terrorist training camp…

"I was under so much stress and pressure (from the other jurors) that I agreed to change my vote," Arcelia Lopez of Sacramento said in her statement. "I never once throughout the deliberation process and the reading of the verdict believed Hamid Hayat to be guilty."

Not to worry, I’m sure the Chinese and Russians will be as helpful to their comrades in Hanoi today as they were in the 60’s and 70’s
Vietnam Needs $400M-Plus to Fight Bird Flu

HANOI, Vietnam - Vietnam needs more than $400 million to fight bird flu and prepare for a potential pandemic over the next five years, and expects about half to come from international donors, an official said Friday.

Vietnam would use the money for improvements in human and animal health care, Agriculture Minister Cao Duc Phat said. The country has been examining how to better monitor human cases, strengthen border controls to block smuggling of potentially infected birds and improve laboratory facilities inside Vietnam, among other measures...

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Will the Palestinians build a nation or a barrel?

When the Israeli security fence is complete, the Palestinians will, in effect, have what they have clamored for for decades – their own state. The catch is the Israelis have also decided that they will then have nothing to do with the Palestinians, physically, politically, or economically. This leaves the Palestinian governing elite with two choices: a) direct there energies and resources into building a viable nation state, just as the Israelis did 60 years ago, or b) continue to make the annihilation of Israel their single focus, to the detriment of their citizens.

If they choose the latter, they will rapidly come to understand the meaning of the phrase, ‘like shooting fish in a barrel.”
Israel Orders Security Fence Plugged to Bar Suicide Bombers

JERUSALEM, April 26 — Israel's prime minister-designate, Ehud Olmert, told top security officials today to swiftly plug the gaps in the separation barrier around Jerusalem. His order came nine days after a Palestinian suicide bomber struck again in Israel.

Israel's separation barrier still has numerous openings around Jerusalem, and Israeli security officials consider the city one of the places most vulnerable to attack.

Legal challenges in Israel resulted in temporary injunctions against building the barrier in several parts of Jerusalem. Israel's Supreme Court recently dismissed the injunctions against building, though the justices have yet to issue final rulings in the cases, according to Marc Luria, a founder of the Security Fence for Israel, a private group…

Professor’s lawyer: My client’s speech prerogatives, to include wanton destruction, trump everybody else’s
Prof, others charged in cross case

HIGHLAND HEIGHTS - A professor and six students at Northern Kentucky University were charged Wednesday with misdemeanors related to the April 12 destruction of an anti-abortion display on campus.

Sally Jacobsen of the literature and language department, has been charged with criminal mischief, theft by unlawful taking and criminal solicitation. The third charge relates to evidence that she encouraged students to participate in the destruction, County Attorney Justin Verst said.

The six students, who range in age from 21 to 27, were charged with criminal mischief and theft by unlawful taking.

The theft charge is a class A misdemeanor punishable by up to one year in jail and a $500 fine.

The criminal mischief and solicitation charges are class B misdemeanors punishable by up to 90 days in jail and a $250 fine.

Verst said additional students might be charged as their identities become known.

Four hundred crosses representing aborted fetuses were pulled from the ground and thrown in trash cans around campus.

A sign explaining the temporary display, which had been approved by university officials as an expression of free speech, was also removed.

Jacobsen told reporters that she had "invited" students in her graduate-level British literature course to exercise free-speech by destroying the display.

She said she was offended by the simulated cemetery, which she considered intimidating and harmful to women who might be considering abortions. NKU's campus newspaper, the Northerner, published photos of Jacobsen dismantling part of the display…

Jacobsen has received a large amount of hate mail, her lawyer, Margo Grubbs of Fort Wright, said.

She had no idea there would be so much fallout, and she is sorry for the hurt she caused, Grubbs said.

"She never wanted to harm her university or her students at all," Grubbs said. "Twenty-seven years of her life have been at this university."

Jacobsen will plead not guilty, Grubbs said. Grubbs said the dismantling of the display doesn't amount to a criminal act.

"The intent was just an expression of freedom of speech," Grubbs said. "She saw harm coming from it, and she was just expressing her attitude towards the harm."

The six students are Michelle Cruey, Katie Nelson, Heather Nelson, Stephanie Horton, Sara Keebler and Laura Caster. A court date was set for May 11...

You gringos meet our demands or we gonna F**K YOU UP
Immigrant boycott aims to "close" US cities

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Pro-immigration activists say a nationwide boycott and marches planned for May 1 will flood Americas's streets with millions of Latinos to demand amnesty for illegal immigrants and shake the ground under Congress as it tackles reform.

But while such a massive turnout could make for the largest protests since the civil rights era of the 1960s, not all Latinos, nor their leaders, were comfortable with such militancy -- fearing a backlash in Middle America.

"There will be 2 to 3 million people hitting the streets in Los Angeles alone. We're going to close down Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, Tucson, Phoenix, Fresno," said Jorge Rodriguez, a union official who helped organize earlier rallies credited with rattling Congress as it debates the issue…

"We want full amnesty, full legalization for anybody who is here (illegally)," Rodriguez said. "That is the message that is going to be played out across the country on May 1."

Organizers of the May Day marches, which have strong support from big labor and the Roman Catholic church, vow that America's major cities will grind to a halt and its economy will stagger as Latinos walk off their jobs and skip school.

Teachers' unions in major cities have said children should not be punished for walking out of class. A spokeswoman for the Los Angeles Unified School District said school principals had been told that they should not try to keep students in class but instead should walk with the children to help keep order…

But some Latinos have expressed ambivalence about the boycott and marches, saying they could stir up anti-immigrant sentiment amid an incendiary atmosphere surrounding the issue…

Critics have accused pro-immigrant leaders of stirring up uninformed young Latinos by telling them that their parents were in imminent danger of being deported and accuse them of trying to bully Congress.

"It's intimidation," Jim Gilchrist, founder of the Minuteman volunteer border patrol group, said of the May 1 events. "It's intimidation when a million people march down main streets in our major cities under the Mexican flag."

"It angers the people you are trying to impress," he said. "This will backfire just like the Mexican flag parades backfired."

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Somebody stole a half million dollars from his hotel room,

the Mercedes was a gift from a dying friend, and extraterrestrials ate his speech.
$450,000 said stolen from PA foreign minister during visit to Kuwait
Palestinian Foreign Minister Mahmoud al-Zahar has had $450,000 stolen from his hotel room during his current visit to Kuwait, the Itim news agency quoted the Kuwaiti media as saying Wednesday.

According to the report, al-Zahar had asked the Kuwaiti authorities to keep the theft under wraps, but the incident was confirmed by a security official at the hotel.

The foreign minister, a senior member of Hamas, is on a tour of Arab and Muslim countries to drum up funds after Israel suspended the transfer of tax revenues to the Palestinian Authority and Western donors cut off aid to the Hamas-led government...

Chavez minions remove music from fruit
Experts make flatulence-free bean

A method of creating super-nutritious but flatulence-free beans has been developed by scientists.

Beans are a cheap and key source of nutrition especially in the developing world, but many people are thought to be put off by anti-social side-effects.

A Venezuelan team says fermenting beans with certain friendly bacteria can cut the amount of wind-causing compounds, and boost beans' nutritional value.

Flatulence is caused by bacteria that live in the large intestine breaking down parts of food - such as soluble fibre - that have not been digested higher in the gut...

Looking out for the little guy

Q: What’s the difference between a catfish and a civil trial lawyer?
A: One is a scum-sucking parasitic bottom-feeder and the other is a fish.
Corps of Engineers Sued Over Katrina

NEW ORLEANS (AP) -- Five people whose homes were flooded during Hurricane Katrina sued the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers on Tuesday, accusing the agency of ignoring repeated warnings that a navigation channel it built would turn into a "hurricane highway."

The lawsuit was filed in federal court in New Orleans and several prominent trial lawyers from Louisiana, Florida and California are backing it.

"Today, my friends, the second battle of New Orleans has begun," said Pierce O'Donnell, a Los Angeles lawyer, at a news conference outside federal court...

Here’s a surprise, since 1997 O’Donnell has contributed $49,500 to political campaigns. Guess how much went to Republicans. Enter his name here to find out.

‘Lost’ actor moonlights in ‘Hammered’
Lost' Star Doing Jail Time for DUI

HONOLULU (AP) -- "Lost" star Michelle Rodriguez has surrendered to begin a five-day jail sentence for drunken driving.

Rodriguez, who portrays police officer Ana Lucia, opted for jail time and a $500 fine rather than 240 hours of community service.

"I kind of have to get back to my life, go back to making some money," Rodriguez said outside the courtroom after pleading guilty to driving under the influence. "It kind of gave me a hard hit. ... I'm human."

The 27-year-old Rodriguez and cast member Cynthia Watros were both charged with drunken driving after they were pulled over Dec. 1 in separate cars within 15 minutes of each other…

Rodriguez recorded a blood-alcohol level of 0.145 percent, nearly twice the legal limit of 0.08. Watros had a blood-alcohol level of 0.10…

In 2004, Rodriguez pleaded no contest in Los Angeles to three traffic violations, including drunken driving. She completed a three-month alcohol program and is serving a three-year probation term…
I would think going to jail for a subsequent conviction of drunken driving in another state would void the CA probation. Rodriquez’s agent must be scouring the country looking for other acting work in states other than CA.

Monday, April 24, 2006

Atlanta TV station: If the congresswoman is dumb enough to reveal her arrogant contempt, we’ll air it.
TV station catches gaffe by McKinney
Congresswoman berates staffer as tape rolled after interview

Move over Britney Spears, Cynthia McKinney's — oops! — done it again.

The flap-plagued congresswoman, who has been in the media spotlight since she scuffled with a Capitol Hill police officer last month, was caught bad-mouthing a senior staffer Saturday.

Unfortunately for McKinney, a DeKalb County Democrat who is running for re-election in the 4th Congressional District, a TV microphone she was wearing picked up her indelicate grumbling.

"Crap!" an irritated McKinney is heard saying after ending an interview with CBS 46 in which reporter Renee Starzyk repeatedly asked about the fallout from the police dust-up. "You know what? They lied to Coz and Coz is a fool."

McKinney, apparently realizing her blunder, then returned to face the camera and tell the reporter that comments about her communications director, Coz Carson, were off the record.

But the TV stationed aired the footage Saturday and the story later was picked up by CNN.

Mike Machi, Channel 46's assistant news director, said McKinney's office was aware Starzyk would ask about the fuss in the one-on-one interview.

"Congresswoman McKinney has been in Washington for a long time and she has handled the media for most of her public life," said Machi, who was unapologetic about airing the interview outtakes. "There were lots of ways to handle this and I was absolutely surprised that she handled this situation in that fashion."…
Transcript of McKinney comments

This is the partial transcript of a question and answer session held Saturday in Chamblee with Congresswoman Cynthia Mckinney. She regularly holds such sessions in her district. This session was taped by CBS 46 news. .

• Question: has anyone asked you about your confrontation with the Capitol police officer?

Answer: Actually you, media, are the only ones who are asking about that.

• Question: I'm sure you thought about this — potentially someone might ask you about this, outside of the media, about the confrontation — what would your response be, how do you explain it to the people of DeKalb County?

Answer: Well, actually no one has asked me other than you and so... I talk to my constituents about the things that are on their minds...

• Question: Do you think the incident will affect your chances for re-election?

Answer: You're talking about the incident I'm talking about issues.

• Question: You want to talk about issues, has the confrontation made it harder for you to focus on the issues? Has it been a distraction?

Answer: You're a distraction because that seems to be all you want to talk about — but people here understand that my representation is much larger than any discreet incident


• "This is crap — they lied to Coz and Coz is a fool for believin' 'em. [Referring to aide Coz Carson]


• Anything that is captured by your audio while I'm not seated in this chair is off the record and is not permissible to use — is that understood? [Ed. – Her Ebony Majesty has spoken!]

Keeping classified information secret: The NY Times thinks this is a quaint idea

See my highlight in the last excerpted paragraph below. The omnipotent New York Times is now “granting” anonymity. Could these arrogant twits be any more insufferable?
Moves Signal Tighter Secrecy Within C.I.A.

WASHINGTON, April 23 — The crackdown on leaks at the Central Intelligence Agency that led to the dismissal of a veteran intelligence officer last week included a highly unusual polygraph examination for the agency's independent watchdog, Inspector General John L. Helgerson, intelligence officials with knowledge of the investigation said Sunday.

The special polygraphs, which have been given to dozens of employees since January, are part of a broader effort by Porter J. Goss, the director of the C.I.A., to re-emphasize a culture of secrecy that has included a marked tightening of the review process for books and articles by former agency employees.

As the inspector general, Mr. Helgerson was the supervisor of Mary O. McCarthy, who was fired Thursday after admitting she had leaked classified information to reporters about secret C.I.A. detention centers and other subjects, agency officials said.

Mr. Goss and the C.I.A.'s deputy director, Vice Adm. Albert M. Calland III, voluntarily submitted to polygraph tests during the leak investigation to show they were willing to experience the same scrutiny they were asking other employees to undergo, agency officials said. Mr. Helgerson likewise submitted to the lie-detector test, they said…

Mr. Goss has repeatedly expressed unhappiness with what he sees as the laxity of C.I.A. employees and retirees in discussing agency matters. He has taken up the cause of tightening information controls across the board, partly in response to calls from the White House, the Congressional intelligence committees and the presidential commission on weapons of mass destruction…

The "single-issue" polygraphs, which are distinct from the routine polygraphs given to agency employees at least every five years, have been conducted by the C.I.A. Security Center but with close supervision from Mr. Goss's office, one official said. Like other current and former intelligence officials, he was granted anonymity to discuss classified events at the agency without fear of retribution...

Iran’s top nutter allows that women are not a source of social corruption - kinda
Iran to Let Women Go to Soccer Games

TEHRAN, Iran (AP) -- Iranian women will be allowed to attend soccer matches for first time since the country's 1979 Islamic revolution, Iran's president said in a decree posted on his Web site Monday.

Women would sit in separate section of the stands, away from the usually raucous male fans.

"The presence of families and women will improve soccer-watching manners, and promote a healthy atmosphere," Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said. "They will be allocated some of the best stands in stadiums," he added.

Iran's Islamic law imposes tight restrictions on women. They need a male guardian's permission to work or travel, and have rarely been allowed to attend public sporting events. In 2001, a group of Irish women was permitted to attend a World Cup qualifier match between Iran and Ireland that was held in Tehran.

On Sunday, Ahmadinejad criticized those who linked social corruption to the presence of women in public.

"Some consider women as the source of corruption and this is a very wrong attitude," he said. However, he added women sometimes expressed objectionable views, or what he called "ideas that are not related to Islam."…

In March, police charged a peaceful women's rights protest in Tehran, beating women and men and provoking condemnation from international rights groups.

Last week, some 500 conservative activists demonstrated outside the Majlis, or parliament, demanding full implementation of Islamic law, which bans women from wearing short coats and skirts in public as well as premarital relationships. They blamed police negligence for an increase in violations of strict Islamic law.

NYC judge: Hey, its only taxpayer money, let him surf till his eyes fall out
Judge: Web-Surfing Worker Can't Be Fired

NEW YORK (AP) -- Saying surfing the web is equivalent to reading a newspaper or talking on the phone, an administrative law judge has suggested that only a reprimand is appropriate as punishment for a city worker accused of failing to heed warnings to stay off the Internet.

Administrative Law Judge John Spooner reached his decision in the case of Toquir Choudhri, a 14-year veteran of the Department of Education who had been accused of ignoring supervisors who told him to stop browsing the Internet at work…

[Spooner] added: "For this reason, city agencies permit workers to use a telephone for personal calls, so long as this does not interfere with their overall work performance. Many agencies apply the same standard to the use of the Internet for personal purposes."

Spooner dispensed the lightest possible punishment on Choudhri, a reprimand, after a search of Choudhri's computer files revealed he had visited several news and travel sites...

Sunday, April 23, 2006

You are who you elect
Nagin, Landrieu in runoff

NEW ORLEANS -- Incumbent C. Ray Nagin and Lt. Gov. Mitch Landrieu headed for a May 20 runoff after a first-round election in this hurricane-ravaged city yesterday, both falling short of the 50 percent needed to clinch an outright win.

Thousands of voters scattered across the country by Hurricane Katrina returned to choose the mayor who will lead the city's rebuilding effort. With 90 percent of precincts reporting, Mr. Nagin was leading with 38 percent while Mr. Landrieu had 29 percent of the vote...

As much as the MSM and Democrats tried to place the blame for the inept governmental response to Hurricane Katrina in NOLA on the Bush Administration, the fact remains that it is and will always be the responsibility of local and state governments to be the first-responders during a disaster. To all but the brain dead, it is clear that Nagin led an incompetent, corrupt government before, during, and after Katrina. And the state government’s response to the disaster, led by Gov. Kathleen Blanco and Lt. Gov. Mitch Landrieu, was only marginally better,

That Nagin and Landrieu are now in a runoff for mayor of NOLA cements, in my mind, that NOLA is a city of yahoos.