Saturday, May 06, 2006

NY Times: How dare you make fun of our boy al-Zarqawi
Not All See Video Mockery of Zarqawi as Good Strategy

An effort by the American military to discredit the terrorist leader Abu Musab al-Zarqawi by showing video outtakes of him fumbling with a machine gun — suggesting that he lacks real fighting skill — was questioned yesterday by retired and active American military officers.

The video clips, released on Thursday to news organizations in Baghdad, show the terrorist leader confused about how to handle an M-249 squad automatic weapon, known as an S.A.W., which is part of the American inventory of infantry weapons…

“Editor: a person employed by a newspaper, whose business it is to separate the wheat from the chaff, and to see that the chaff is printed.”
Elbert Hubbard

Guarantee the turn out of the Republican base and security-conscience Independents in ‘06
“Hardly anything would give the Republican faithful a bigger boost than the spectacle of Senate Democrats attacking an Air Force general for trying to protect America against terrorism.”
Powerline’s John Hinderaker

Read the whole post here.

My life as a mid-level CIA desk jockey
Valerie Plame Agrees to Book Deal

NEW YORK (AP) -- Valerie Plame, the former CIA operative whose unmasking led to a federal investigation and the indictment of a top vice presidential aide, has agreed to a book deal with the Crown Publishing Group.

Financial terms were not disclosed, but two sources close to the negotiations said the deal was in the low seven figures…
Faux muckraking by outed ideologues and frustrated fifth columnists doesn’t usually do well.

Me thinks Crown Publishing’s prospects for the Plame book will be similar to that of Mary Mapes’ (the infamous CBS producer of ‘Memogate’) Truth and Duty: The Press, the President, and the Privilege of Power published by St. Martin's Press.

Truth’s’ present sales rank is 217,779. Also found in the same sales ranking cluster are:
  • North American Indian Jewelry and Adornment
  • Making Peace With Your Thighs: Get Off the Scales And Get on With Your Life
  • Complete Idiot's Guide to Numerology 2E (The Complete Idiot's Guide)
  • Beer: Tap Into the Art and Science of Brewing

Off (not to jail or court but instead) to a rehab weekend at the Mayo
Patrick Kennedy To Seek Treatment
Congressman Says He Doesn't Recall Crash

Rep. Patrick J. Kennedy said yesterday that he is entering treatment for an addiction to prescription medications, an announcement that comes as police continue their investigation into a car crash involving the congressman near the Capitol.

Calling his addiction a "chronic disease," Kennedy said he does not even recall the accident, which occurred early Thursday and raised questions about his behavior and how U.S. Capitol Police deal with members of Congress.

The congressman's office has said Kennedy (D-R.I.) was disoriented behind the wheel because he had taken prescription medication to calm stomach inflammation and to help him sleep. No one was injured in the crash, but Kennedy almost hit a Capitol Police car head-on before slamming into a security barrier, authorities said.

Kennedy, 38, said yesterday that he has been battling problems with addiction and depression since he was a young man and that he will seek immediate treatment at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota. He was a patient there during Congress's winter break, he said, and thought he had returned to Washington "reinvigorated and healthy."…
In Washington, D.C. declaring oneself diseased and seeking immediate medical ‘help’ is also known as hiding in plain sight.

Hopefully, when he’s clean and sober again he’ll be able to fully appreciate why he should spend 90 days in jail.
Under D.C. law, people who take prescription medications that hamper their driving can be charged with driving under the influence. The charge carries a penalty of up to 90 days in jail and a $300 fine for a first offense…

Friday, May 05, 2006

Apple didn’t fall far from the tree

37-38 seems to be the magic age for the Teddy Kennedy branch of the family tree.
Rep. Kennedy Crashes Into Security Barrier
Officers Suspect Intoxication, Congressman Blames Prescription Drugs

Rep. Patrick J. Kennedy had "red and watery" eyes, "slightly slurred" speech and unsteady balance after his car crashed into a security barrier near the Capitol early yesterday, a police report said.

The Democratic congressman from Rhode Island has been charged with three infractions, the report said.

Kennedy has scheduled a news conference in Washington this afternoon.

Capitol Hill Police officers at the scene suspected Kennedy might have been intoxicated, a police union official had said yesterday.

Kennedy has been silent since issuing a statement late last night, saying he had been disoriented after taking prescription drugs: Phenergan for gastroenteritis, an inflammation of the stomach and intestines, and Ambien, a sleeping medication...

Looking at the police report of yet another traffic accident involving Congressman Kennedy a few weeks ago (4/15/06), I suppose it's possible that the congressman simply has the worst penmanship on the East Coast.

Thankfully, no one died in either accident.

Empty-headed reporter ‘intrigued’ by attire of fake POTUS
In the Oval Office, Pumps and Circumstance

By Robin Givhan
Washington Post Staff Writer

The abrupt end to this season of ABC's "Commander in Chief" means that there will no longer be a designated prime-time slot in which to muse about life with a female president. Geena Davis played President Mackenzie Allen, and it was entertaining to watch her navigate a complicated web of Washington politics and intrigue. The point of "Commander in Chief," of course, was the sex of the title character, but one lesson to take away from the show is that no matter the president's gender, there's always going to be a posse of people on the attack.

Much of what was so interesting about "Commander in Chief" had little to do with the show's story lines in which Davis -- lips pursed, eyes steely and strides long and confident -- would spit out some important fact, incisive question or tough decision. Intellectually, most viewers have little doubt that women can be smart, manipulative, tough and staggeringly ambitious.

It was more intriguing to see what this fictional female president would look like dressed for a day's work in the Oval Office. What would she wear to a state dinner? What sort of attire would she don to address the American people? This wasn't just a parade of fashion; it was the slow crafting of an image to go along with an idea. What does a female president look like? And how does her image square with those of past presidents and the many contenders for the office?…

If the reader ever enters into a debate about the debasement of the Pulitzer Prize, s/he need only shine the spotlight on Ms. Givhan. Her tripe, like the above and found here, garnered this year’s Pulitzer Prize for ‘Criticism’.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Please remove all jewelry, belt buckles, shoes, and bras before passing through the metal detector
Bra Sets Off Metal Detector in Calif.

YUBA CITY, Calif. -- A taxpayer advocate has complained to Sutter County supervisors that metal detectors at county buildings are so sensitive they are being set off by underwire bras.

Sutter County Taxpayers Association member Roberta Fletcher said the male security guard seemed to enjoy waving the handheld metal detector over her chest.

"It is, at a minimum, for a woman, embarrassing. And at a maximum, it is sexual harassment to hold your arms outstretched while a male officer waves a wand in front of your breasts," Fletcher told supervisors at their meeting Tuesday.

Sheriff Jim Denney said courthouse guards work for the court system, not the sheriff's department, but defended use of the metal detectors.

"That's the nature of the business -- to maintain security," Denney told Fletcher. "I'm not going to answer any more absurd questions."...
Apparently, underwire bras set off more than metal detectors. According to John D. Andre, D.C., N.D.:
...The UnderWires in the UnderWire Bra fall directly onto two very important NeuroLymphatic Reflexes. The one under the right breast goes to the Liver and Gall Bladder. The one under the left breast goes to the Stomach.

These reflexes, like all AcuPoints, follow the Law of Stimulation. In the beginning of stimulating a point, it is stimulated - often causing an increase in associated function. Later on, this continued stimulation causes sedation of that point and a subsequent decrease in its associated function. It's a mechanical thing. If a woman keeps the metal UnderWires on top of those reflex points, over time that WILL mess up the functioning of the associated circuits: Liver, Gall Bladder, and Stomach. Bottom Line: It will likely make her sick, slowly and quietly...

Judge sets bond for former Time Magazine reporter

Brian J. Doyle worked for Time Magazine for 26 years and then for the federal government for four years. Seems to me he’s more a former reporter than he is a former press aide.
Judge Sets Bond for Former DHS Press Aide

BARTOW, Fla. (AP) -- A former Department of Homeland Security press aide accused of having sexually explicit conversations with someone he thought was a teenage girl posted bail Thursday and was released from jail.

Brian J. Doyle, 55, faces 23 felony charges, including 16 counts of sending pornographic movie clips to a minor.

It was not immediately clear when Doyle received his security clearance, which gave him access to sensitive Homeland Security information. A senior Homeland Security official, speaking on condition of anonymity because it involves a personnel issue, said Doyle’s security screening consisted of an FBI background check but did not include a psychological exam...
Homeland official charged in sex sting held

It was not immediately clear when Doyle received his security clearance, which gave him access to sensitive Homeland Security information. A senior Homeland Security official, speaking on condition of anonymity because it involves a personnel issue, said Doyle’s security screening consisted of an FBI background check but did not include a psychological exam.

The clearance was valid for five years; Doyle was hired by the federal government, at the Transportation Security Administration, in 2002, officials said. He previously worked, for 26 years, as a reporter at Time magazine in Washington. A former colleague said Doyle is divorced…

Doyle appeared Wednesday afternoon [April 5, 2006] at a court hearing in Rockville, Md. No bail was set, and he only spoke to answer routine questions, such as verifying his name. He was joined at the hearing by a woman that his attorney, Barry Hefland, identified as Doyle’s life partner of 15 years...

Some rules to live by
  • When someone is shooting at you, take cover.
  • Don’t stick your finger into a light socket.
  • Keep your eyes open while driving a car.
  • Take your clothes off before ironing them.
  • Never break a Ten with two Twenties.
  • When a hurricane approaches, close the hotel and evacuate.
New Orleans Hotels to Close in Hurricanes

NEW ORLEANS (AP) -- This hurricane season, don't count on the city's hotels for "vertical evacuation" when a major storm makes a beeline for New Orleans.

The hotels, often used as a hurricane haven in the past, will be banning guests and employees from riding out the largest storms, said Bill Langkopp, executive vice president of The Greater New Orleans Hotel & Lodging Association.

"Bringing people into a hotel for safe harbor was OK pre-Katrina. It is no longer acceptable post-Katrina," said Langkopp, whose group surveyed its members on their storm plans.

When Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans on Aug. 29 and swamped the city, thousands of hotel guests ended up stranded for days in miserable and dangerous conditions.

"I don't know of any hotel that intends to do vertical evacuation this year," Langkopp said. "Our thrust will be to get the visitors out."...

Black leaders: Our quota for criminal illegal aliens is less than the Mexicans’
Blacks slam immigration bias

Black leaders say Mexicans and other Hispanic nationals are getting preferential immigration treatment, as the U.S. systematically turns away people from countries with largely African-descended populations, such as Jamaica and the Dominican Republic.

"We've told Haiti that their development strategy cannot be to send people to the United States, and if you put them on a boat we will send them back. But for Mexico it is OK," said William E. Spriggs, chairman of Howard University's School of Economics and a senior fellow with the Economic Policy Institute.

The leaders, especially conservatives, say the country can't have an honest immigration reform debate without discussing how much people are being paid and why only certain nationalities are allowed to come into the country illegally and work off the books…

"Though this be madness, yet there is method in 't."
William Shakespeare, Hamlet, Act 2 scene 2

An orange fright wig, bulbous red nose, and oversized floppy blue shoes.
Guess who?

John has the answer.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Eliminating fat stupid students.
Hey, who u callin fat?

Soda Distributors to End Most School Sales

NEW YORK (AP) -- The nation's largest beverage distributors have agreed to halt nearly all sales of sodas to public schools - a step that will remove the sugary, caloric drinks from vending machines and cafeterias around the country.

The agreement was announced Wednesday by the William J. Clinton Foundation and will also likely apply to many private and parochial schools.

"This is a bold step forward in the struggle to help 35 million young people lead healthier lives," former President Clinton said at a news conference. "This one policy can add years and years and years to the lives of a very large number of young people."…

Yes and if you could find a way to rid schools of teachers’ unions you could add millions and millions of educated young people to our population. Do you think The William J. Clinton Foundation will next negotiate with teachers’ unions? You might find your answer here or here.

Poseurs honor fake POTUS at (where else?) the UN
Geena Davis Honored for Role As President

UNITED NATIONS (AP) -- To the strains of "Hail to the Chief," actress Geena Davis accepted an award night for her television portrayal of the first woman president of the United States from an organization which is seeking to turn fiction into reality.

When the star of the ABC television show "Commander in Chief" got to the podium Tuesday, she was given a red, white and blue sash to put on over her gown, similar to one worn by Chile's first woman president, Michelle Bachelet. "This is the coolest thing I ever got! Wow I love it!," she said…

The award was presented by The White House Project, a non-profit organization which works to promote women's voting, political participation and leadership, with a goal of putting a woman in the White House….

But "if elected to another season - un term," Davis said to more laughter, "... whatever I can do to make change happen quicker in the fake world, I promise to do."…
It would appear the “voters” have, in fact, spoken (see below). As I indicated in an earlier post, Davis’ POTUS has boarded Air Force Bye-Bye.
Recall Election: ABC Yanks Its 'Commander in Chief'

Prince George's County won't have "Commander in Chief" to be kicked around by anymore.

Just days after county bigwigs went thermonuclear over an episode in which faux POTUS Geena Davis sends in the troops to quell crime in the county (she was also seen in front of a restaurant advertising sweet potato pie, pork chops and chitlins), ABC quietly pulled the plug on the White House drama for the rest of the season. While county big cheeses no doubt wish they could claim embarrassment caused ABC's decision, honestly, the series was done in by ABC's very tight race with Fox to finish the season in first place among young viewers…

"Commander in Chief." Behind-camera discombobulation has done in the most promising new series of this television season. Once the most watched new series in the prime-time firmament -- a hefty crowd of more than 16 million saw the debut -- behind-camera problems caused ABC to yank the show for long periods, during which young viewers found other viewing habits. Last week, "CiC" clocked just 6.5 million viewers in its Thursday time slot, and a disappointing 1.8 percent of viewers in the golden 18-to-49 age bracket...

Behind-camera discombobulation? Davis’ perpetual vapid deer-caught-in-headlights facial expression, inane scripts, and the portrayal of various Republican leaders as myriad incarnations of Snidely Whiplash might also have had something to do with the series’ demise.

The solution to a nation of deadheads?

Clearly, pouring tons of money into our school systems has significantly improved the product. One can only imagine the strides to be made upon opening the spigot still further.
Lost generation can't find states with map or wits

Despite wall-to-wall coverage of the damage from Hurricane Katrina, nearly one-third of young Americans recently polled couldn't locate Louisiana on a map and nearly half were unable to identify Mississippi.

Americans between the ages of 18 and 24 fared even worse with foreign locations: six in 10 couldn't find Iraq, according to a Roper poll conducted for National Geographic.

"Geographic illiteracy impacts our economic well-being, our relationships with other nations and the environment, and isolates us from the world," National Geographic President John Fahey said in announcing a program to help remedy the problem. It's hoping to enlist businesses, nonprofit groups and educators in a bid to improve geographic literacy.

Planned is a five-year, multimedia campaign called My Wonderful World that will target children 8 to 17. The goal is to motivate parents and educators to expand geographic offerings in school, at home and in their communities...

Whoso neglects learning in his youth,
Loses the past and is dead for the future.

How to pick a scab till it bleeds
Montana Gov. to Grant Pardons for Sedition

HELENA, Mont. (AP) -- Nearly seven dozen Montana residents convicted of sedition during World War I are finally getting official pardons from the governor, years after their deaths.

In a ceremony Wednesday afternoon, Gov. Brian Schweitzer, the grandson of German-Russian immigrants, planned to sign posthumous pardons for 78 men and women convicted in 1918 and 1919 for criticizing the U.S. government or its war effort.

Relatives of some of those being pardoned were expected to attend.

Montana's Sedition Act, passed in 1918 but since repealed, was one of the harshest in the country and a basis for a national sedition law passed the same year…

In a letter to Schweitzer in late March, more than three dozen professors, lawyers and historians nationwide urged him to grant the pardons "to affirm Montana's commitment to free expression and to bring a measure of justice and redemption to these people and their living descendants."

Couldn't more be done?

The “three dozen professors, lawyers and historians nationwide” should take up a collection and build a monument to “these people.” Perhaps the governor could declare July 5th to be a state holiday called Pardoned Seditionists Day (that would give Montanans a four day weekend whenever the 4th falls on a Thursday or a Monday). Perhaps “their living descendants” could all chip in and set up a Pardoned Seditionists Scholarship fund at the University of Montana; it could be awarded annually to the student ‘most wronged’ that year by the Montana government.

Monday, May 01, 2006

Why haven’t the United Nations and European Union, beloved by the Left, acted?
Rally decries Darfur killings

Religious organizations, political groups and foreign nationals led thousands of people in a rally yesterday on the Mall to urge U.S. leaders to help end the widespread killings in Sudan's Darfur region.

The rally brought together an unusual coalition of about 160 Catholic, evangelical, Muslim and Jewish organizations and Democratic and Republican lawmakers to help stop what many have called "a genocide."

"This issue crosses every religion, every race, every age," said Rinat Manhoff, 28, who came with about 200 people from Temple Micah in Northwest. "And now there is no excuse for the world not to do something about it."…

Actor George Clooney was one of several celebrities, athletes and high-ranking lawmakers to speak at the rally. Others included Sen. Barack Obama, Illinois Democrat; House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi of California; Nobel Peace Prize winner Elie Wiesel; and Olympic speed-skating champion Joey Cheek…
Strange, I thought sending American troops into an oil-rich Muslim nation run by brutal fascists murdering their own people was a Lefty no-no.

Truth is truth
To the end of reckoning.
William Shakespeare, "Measure for Measure", Act 5 scene 1

Sunday, April 30, 2006

Hiltzik to be reassigned. How about a paper route?
LA Times Discontinues Reporter's Column

LOS ANGELES (AP) -- The Los Angeles Times said Sunday it is discontinuing the column and Internet blog of a Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter because he posted items online using assumed names.

The decision, reported in an editor's note on the Times' Web site, came a week after the paper suspended Michael Hiltzik's Golden State blog.

It said Hiltzik would be reassigned after serving a suspension.

"Hiltzik did not commit any ethical violations in his newspaper column, and an internal inquiry found no inaccurate reporting in his postings in his blog or on the Web," the editor's note said. "But employing pseudonyms constitutes deception and violates a central tenet of The Times' ethics guidelines: Staff members must not misrepresent themselves and must not conceal their affiliation with The Times."

Hiltzik did not immediately return phone or e-mail messages seeking comment Sunday morning.

The Times said Hiltzik "has acknowledged using pseudonyms to post a single comment on his blog on and multiple comments elsewhere on the Web that dealt with his column and other issues involving the newspaper."

Hiltzik has been in a blog feud with Los Angeles County Deputy District Attorney Patrick Frey, who writes the conservative blog Patterico's Pontifications. That column recently contended that Hiltzik had been posting messages to his blog and other Web sites under assumed names such as Mikekoshi and Nofanofcablecos.

Frey said he did not object to anonymity on the Web but rather to the use of "pseudonyms to pretend to be something or somebody they aren't."…